YU has finally confirmed that the Yutopia smartphone will be released in India on 7 December. After all the speculations, rumours and teasers, this is the first great news fans have cheerfully embraced. YU's unique marketing campaign involving the renowned MotoGrapher, BMW i8 and the Yutopia itself was seen with great enthusiasm as appealing photos shot on the unreleased phone were shared publicly on Facebook and Twitter.

Looking at the images shot on Yutopia by the MotoGrapher aka Sundeep Gajjar, we were intrigued to know more and more about the phone. We finally had the chance to interview Gajjar about his experience with the Yutopia (we did not shoot questions asking for direct specs as we did not wish to kill the surprise for the fans on the launch day and obstruct YU's strategized marketing).

Below is the complete interview with the MotoGrapher to quench your thirst for more Yutopia details:

IBT: Through your various shots on social media, you seem to be having fun with Yutopia. Would you like to share your experience with the phone?

MotoGrapher: The Yutopia feels great in the hands, it has a very premium feel to it and is a delight to look at. The phone has a very classy looking design. It is also quite fast to work with especially while editing images.

IBT: Camera is an important part of a smartphone now. Do you think Yutopia is going to be a game changer in the premium smartphone race by your experience?

MotoGrapher: My experience with the camera has been great so far. In photography, both hardware and software add to the picture quality and I am very satisfied with the kind of images that I have been able to click using YUTOPIA.

IBT: The Yutopia camera looks great (thanks to your photos), but is the battery just as good?

MotoGrapher: Every user of any phone longs for more battery backup, irrespective of what is being offered. Having said that, I would like to acknowledge that I am a power-user and have been mostly on road the whole day. The heavy usage and intensive editing on the phone lasts me the battery for a full day.

 IBT: Fans are curious to know more and more about Yutopia and your photos are helping us learn a lot. Would you recommend Yutopia to others? And Why?

MotoGrapher: For any good pictures an eye for detail and perspective is what makes the picture standout. These pictures of the BMW i8 shot by the YUTOPIA have reflected some tremendous results. However, I have processed the images and followed a standard procedure of editing, which involves colour correction and usage of HDR. I would definitely recommend YUTOPIA to all the photography enthusiasts.

IBT: As you mentioned in one of the replies to your followers, you are using Snapseed to edit the raw images. Are there any tips you can give the hundreds and thousands of potential Yutopia owners for great photos.

MotoGrapher: A good composition is a must with mobile phone cameras and then one can use any editor he is comfortable with. Snapseed wont give you the results if you dont know what you want. While YUTOPIA is a great device to click pictures with, its important to remember that a lot depends on the photographer than the device or the editor.

IBT: While using the Yutopia, are you able to relate to a prior experience where you shot your journey in a Mini Cooper S using iPhone 6 Plus?

MotoGrapher: I have been privileged to use both the YUTOPIA and iPhone6 Plus to shoot the BMW i8 and Mini Cooper S respectively. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Panorama quality of YUTOPIA! Having tested the YUTOPIA under various conditions which would include low light shoots and shoots done in the snow, I must say I am very impressed with the image output quality and the final results as compared to the competition

IBT: Using the Yutopia through your road journey, do you feel something is missing from the phone?

MotoGrapher: I liked my experience with YUTOPIA and pretty happy with the results.

We will be covering the Yutopia launch event live from New Delhi, so stay tuned for more updates.