For the past few days, YU has been busy with promotional activities of a new phone, slated to be unveiled on Monday. And now the company's latest teaser has given a glimpse of the upcoming device.

YU tweeted a poster partially revealing a smartphone, which seems to be similar to the company's first phablet, Yureka, but with some change in the display design.

Screen of the device seen in the image looks almost bezel-less. The display seems to be expanding all the way to the edges (both right and left).

By the looks of the photo, many (based on comments on the YU tweet, HERE) hint that the new device is a second-generation Yureka. Even YU's Twitter poster which reads – "Prepare for the Return" – seems to suggest that Yureka might a make a comeback in a new avatar.

[Note: 1st Gen Yureka has been discontinued since the launch of Yuphoria]

That being said, there is also another theory that is making rounds in the Internet. Speculations are rife that YU will only re-release Yureka with no upgrade in hardware. But, we believe that the company is more likely to unveil an advanced version of Yureka as the two teaser videos released by YU's CEO and co-founder Rahul Sharma have hinted that the device will be a rugged model, sturdy enough to withstand drops on floor.

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New YU Teaser Hints Return of Yureka in New Avatar; Tipped to Feature Nearly Bezel-less DisplayYU via Twitter

The first teaser video posted by Sharma shows a device undergoing a grinder test. The 27-second clip shows a device identical to Yureka reduced to dust. This video shows as earlier device crushed to pieces and emerge as a new one from the dust just like the proverbial rise of the phoenix from the ashes. Are we reading too much into it? We will surely know what YU has in store for us on Monday.