YU Televentures Ltd, subsidiary of Indian smartphone maker Micromax, has posted a couple of video teasers hinting at the launch of a new device next Monday.

Only a couple of days ago, Yu had tweeted, "Your prayers shall be answered...", featuring a graphic poster of a phone with the caption "The God Shall Return". In the image, one could see the phone's edges similar to Yureka, which has been discontinued since the launch of the Yuphoria.

This is prompting people to speculate that the company might re-introduce the old phablet in the market. But the two new videos suggest we might see an upgraded YU Yureka series phone on 20 July.

On Twitter, YU CEO Rahul Sharma has released two cryptic clips titled "The YU Experiment". The first one shows a smartphone undergoing a mixer grinder test and the second clip shows a device taking a drop test.

Yu's Video-1 analysis:

As we go through the first video, the speed of the grinder is raised at regular intervals, reducing the device to dust. In the final moments, the company asks fans to  "STAY TUNED FOR 20-07-2015", ending with the hashtag "#YuGuessWhat".

If we observe the early part of the first video a little closer, the phone sports a look similar to Yureka. The placement of the phone's camera module to the left top corner is identical to YU's phablet.

Yu's Video-2 analysis:

In this 26-second clip, we see Yu phone being dropped from a table, getting thrown across the floor and finally being dropped on stairs. The message conveyed is that despite being dropped and thrown, the YU handset survives. The clip ends with the same message as seen in the first video.

The second teaser does give a hint that YU's upcoming phone will be a rugged one boasting solid cover on the back and a protective shield on display capable of withstanding drops. But whether it will survive under-water test is not known. We have three more days for the official announcement, so it won't be long company teases this feature, if it wants to.

Going by the two teaser videos, we believe YU might unveil the successor to the phablet Yureka. But we need to wait to know what Yu unveils on 20 July.

Do check out the YU teasers video below, and take a guess on what YU is planning to announce on Monday, in the comment section.

#YuGuessWhat Video 1:

YU Releases New Teaser Videos, Hints Yureka 2.0 with Rugged Features Set for Debut Next WeekYU PlayGod via YouTube

#YuGuessWhat Video 2:

YU Releases New Teaser Videos, Hints Yureka 2.0 with Rugged Features Set for Debut Next WeekYU PlayGod via YouTube