YU is extensively covering all angles to promote its Yutopia smartphone ahead of the big launch on 7 December. We will be at the event to bring you live coverage but YU wants its fans to stay entertained with the timely teasers about its flagship ahead of the launch. After sharing series of images shot on Yutopia by the only person publicly known to be using the Yutopia, MotoGrapher aka Sundeep Gajjar, YU shared with us an image that was taken by Gajjar during its exhilarating road trip.

As expected, the image shared with us is a part of YU's #YutopianJourney campaign, featuring the BMW i8, which Gajjar drove on his road trip to Austria.

In the image, we see BMW i8's front hood and the BMW Vision concept scale model is placed just front of it on the road. There is a slight reflection of the i8's bumper on the tar road (Yes, we did try scanning through the reflections to get a glimpse of the Yutopia but failed), showing how every detail is captured in its full glory.

Check out the image below:

In our interview with Gajjar, we heard nothing but praise for Yutopia's camera. The sensor and its megapixels are unknown at the moment, but Gajjar applauded the camera's ability to shoot great images in low-light conditions and in Panorama mode.

YU originally revealed that Yutopia will be released on 7 December but the company's founder tweeted that the launch has been postponed to 17 December. The reason for the delay is that YU plans to announce something special alongside Yutopia. We'll just have to wait to find out.