Amazon has announced the latest 'Alexa Mobile Accessory Kit' to bring the voice assistant to portable devices like wearables, headphones, fitness devices and smartwatches.

"Today, we're excited to announce the Alexa Mobile Accessory Kit, a new way to bring Alexa to portable, on-the-go devices. The kit enables OEMs to add Alexa to their devices with minimum investment in hardware or integration efforts," Amazon said in a blog post. 

Amazon Echo
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The Alexa Mobile Accessory Kit will allow OEMs to quickly integrate with Alexa Voice Assistant without needing any bulky coding. Moreover, the wireless Bluetooth headphone built with the new Alexa kit will not face any problem in connecting. It will connect directly with Alexa Voice Service with the help of Amazon Alexa App which is available both for Android and iOS devices.

Once the devices are paired with the Alexa app on the smartphone, users can take the privilege of the Alexa Voice Service.

Amazon Alexa Mobile Accessory Kit

According to Amazon, "Device makers who want to enable their Bluetooth audio-capable device to connect to Alexa for a hands-free voice experience will be able to leverage this new developer toolset later this year. You can sign up to be notified when it's made available."

In 2017, Amazon had introduced AVS Device SDK, which was designed to enable OEMs to integrate Alexa directly into connected devices. The Alexa Mobile Accessory is an alternative to last year's AVS Device SDK. It is an alternative solution for those device makers who need a lightweight procedure to build on-the-go products which will get access to Alexa by pairing via Bluetooth to the Alexa App.

Moreover, OEMs like Bose, Jabra, iHome, Beyerdynamic, Bowers and Wilkins, and AVS Solution Providers Linkplay, SUGR, and Libre Wireless have confirmed to bring Alexa-enabled Bluetooth products this year.