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Children who are glued to the TV screen most of the time are more likely to avoid fruit and vegetables, a recent study revealed. Loughborough University researchers came to the conclusion after reviewing the answers from 527 children between the ages of 11 and 12.

Two-thirds of youngsters who completed questionnaires admitted to at least two of the detrimental health issues, a press release of the university stated. A third of the participants confirmed they participated in all three (low fruit and vegetable intake, high-fat snack intake and high screen-time), 

In fact, this is not the first time that TV viewing is linked with poor eating habits which can raise the risk of obesity. Several studies have previously uncovered it and showed that allowing a child to watch television in their own bedroom can make them fat.

According to experts, the junk food advertisements tempt children to follow wrong diets and consume more calories.

Dr Emma Haycraft, involved in the new study published in BMC Public Health told MailOnline: "There is a strong link between screen time and unhealthy eating. Therefore, cutting the amount of time your children spend in front of the television whilst eating is a logical step towards improving their eating behaviour."

"Habits such as snacking whilst watching television or using phones or tablets is a detrimental health behaviour as most snacks tend to be... full of sugar or bad fats," Dr Emma added.

The study which was funded by the British Heart Foundation recruited  7 students from four secondary schools across the East Midlands and were asked about their eating habits, with whom they watch television with, and accessibility of snacks in their home.

The result of the study suggested that if parents eat healthier foods and restrict viewing of television, children would then eat better.

"A simple change such as reducing the availability of high-calorie snacks is one way to improve youngsters' diets," the psychologist added.

Dr Emma also mentioned, 'turning off the television during mealtimes and eating as a family' can improve their diet.