Recently, actor Sonali Kulkarni at an event gave two cents about feminism, she spoke at length about how modern Indian women wish for a well-earning, settled husband without contributing to the household's finances. Sonali also called women 'lazy' for not helping men financially in the house. Her video went viral in no time, and the actress faced flak for her 'women in India are lazy' comment.

sonali kulkarni

Twitter was divided from her point of view. Men lauded her for saying the facts, while certain sections of women and celebrities slammed her.

Reacting to the hatred and nasty comments, Sonali rendered an apology and addressed both criticism and support in the matter.

sonali kulkarni

The actress issued a statement on social media.

Sonali wrote, "Dear all, I'm overwhelmed with the feedback I'm receiving. I would like to thank all of you, especially the entire press and media for the extremely mature conduct of connecting with me. Being a woman myself, my intention was not to hurt other women. In fact, I have extensively expressed myself time and again in support of us and what is it to be a woman. I'm grateful to all of you for reaching out to me personally to appreciate or to criticize. Hope we will be able to have a more open exchange of thoughts. In my capacity I am trying to think, support and share warmth not only with women, but with the entire mankind. It will be only strengthening if we women with our vulnerabilities and wisdom shine through as fair and able beings. If we are inclusive and empathetic, we will be able to create a healthier, happier place to be."

She added, "Having said that, if unknowingly, I may have caused pain, I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart. I do not thrive upon headlines neither do I want to be the centre of sensational situations. I'm a diehard optimist and I strongly believe that life indeed is beautiful. Thanks for your patience and support. I have learned a lot from this incident."

Meanwhile, few women understood Sonali's preceptive and commented that her apology wasn't needed. While a certain section of women told that 'damage is done'.

A user wrote, "Resonated absolutely with what you said. This is thought leadership at its best."

Another wrote, "The damage is done. People who had to shame & deem women "lazy" have already done so. Women who aren't "working" outside the house and still have wishes for which they depend on their spouse shouldn't be shamed. They're probably taking care of their house, supporting their husbands, taking care of in-laws, bearing children, and fulfilling familial obligations. They become the wheels to move the family system forward. The calmness with which you have explained your POV on such a big stage was not a mistake - but simply your thoughts. Request you to pick up some academic books and indulge in intellectual discourse if you want to actually learn why you received such backlash & appreciation from different parts of society."


The third one said, "Those ladies who did not understand the context felt hurt. All Sonali was trying to say was that stand on your own feet. No matter how wealthy your father , husband , brother or son , being yourself is what she is trying to stress on. All men in your life would surely be very proud of you if you create a small place for yourself:)."

"No need to apologise mam..Every women need to support their husband with their power. If every women will support their husband they can achieve whatever they want..It can reduced % of divorce which is increasing day by day.. Indeed women has special power to handle home and office they need to use it and support their spouse..they also require some mental space, ,mentioned the last one."


What did Sonali Kulkarni say?

In her interview with Bhupenddra Singh Raathore, Sonali speaking about equality and feminism said, "Bharat mein bahut saari ladkiyan alsi hain (in India a lot of women are just lazy). They want a boyfriend or husband, who earns well, owns a house, and gets regular increments. But, in the middle of this, women forget to make a stand for themselves. Women don't know what will they do."

She added, "I urge everyone to bring up such women in your houses that are able and can earn for themselves. Who can say that yes, we want a new fridge in the house, you pay for half of it, I will pay the other half."

Talking about feminism she said, "I want to advise everyone that encourage the women of your house and make them capable enough that they can take their expenses and can also support their partner."

Her statement didn't go down well with serval women across social media. Social media sensation Uorfi Javed, and singer Sona Mohapatra among others criticised for not understanding the plight of women.


Women are enraged over her comments, A female user said, "Twitter should invent virtual slap."

Uorfi Javed shared two cents "How insensitive, whatever you said ! You're calling modern-day women lazy when they are handling their work as well as household chores together? What's wrong in wanting a husband whose earning good ? Men for centuries only saw women as child vending machine and yes the main reason for marriage - dowry . Ladies don't be afraid to ask or demand . Yes you're right women should work but that's a privilege that not everyone gets . You're too entitled to see that may be."

Author Paromita Bardoloi said, "Who can give such statements that women are lazy, if not a privileged upper caste woman. Look at women in this country. The amount of unpaid labour women do almost feels criminal. She needs to read the Govt data on what women go through in this country. Sit down, Miss Kulkarni".

Sona Mohapatra quote-tweeted the post and wrote, "True and truly sad. Check the matrimonial columns-wanted, good looking, educated, earning, 'homely'; take care of in-laws, Hh duties & hand over monthly salary type of ad's. Double whammy. The 'insight' she has is lazy & should have been qualified such - "in my circles".