Sara Khan is popularly known for playing Sadhna from her decade-old show Sapna... Babul Ka Bidaai and television reality show Bigg Boss 5. Post which she has been part of various shows and music videos. The cute and friendly actress who usually avoids controversies and takes it like a pinch of salt requests media to not talk about her lip filler time and again.

Despite Sara clarifying it time and again, few media houses went on to write juicy headlines surrounding the lip filler. This actress has been keeping mum for over a year and a half, and a week ago, the heartbroken actress wrote an open letter on her social media. She captioned the letter as 'I was compelled to write this today, I just had to let it out'

sara khan

International Business Times India, exclusively got in with Sara Khan and spoke at length about the reason why she penned down the letter, the why she requested the media to be more understanding towards her and if she regrets anything in life.

Excerpts from the conversation

Sara lashes out on media

I would like to tell the people of media to be human and understanding,  you can't target actors just to run your agency and make a juicy headline. Even if you make a certain headline, at least ask the actor and clarify before you make a notion and judgement. Do not manipulate the facts to sell your news. If you have heard something about them, write it but don't keep on tagging the actor based on one incient and create controversy and making fun of the actor.

Be a responsible journalist and understand that actors are also human.

If she regrets going under the knife and taking a drastic step

No, I don't regret anything and I believe that one grows from the mistakes they have made in the past. I am grateful to the person I am today.