Emily Ratajkowski
Emily RatajkowskiEmily Ratajkowski (@emrata/Instagram)

Emily Ratajkowski has amazed her 21 million followers by introducing her new sexy lingerie line called Inamorata BODY.

The New York City-themed lingerie collection has finally debuted on Emily Ratajkowski's Instagram page. While talking about the lingerie, Emily said on Inamorata BODY's website that those women who wear Inamorata are among those who will walk their dogs in a simple bra top and they won't think too much about it. As per Emily, Inamorata BODY's wearer is confined and "doesn't care what anyone thinks."

"I think the Inamorata woman is the woman who will wear a bra top out to walk her dog and not even think about it."

Emily Ratajkowski filled her Instagram page by sharing pictures of several sexy lingerie collections from her new fashion line. In one of such Instagram videos, she wrote how excited she is by introducing BODY — a new category of her fashion line, which is much more than just lingerie.

Check out the new lingerie collection by Emily Ratajkowski here:

Emily Ratajkowski's swimwear line brand was launched in 2017. The brand's name "inamorata" is an Italian word which means, "a woman someone is in love with." While talking about her swimsuit collection, Emily previously told Vogue that since she grew up in San Diego, she wore a bathing suit every day on the beach. She also recalled that when she was only 16 years old she would only put on her bathing suit and got out to get some coffee.

Talking about her lingerie collection, Emily has also said the following:

"I was trying to evoke the feeling of a confident girl who wears her bathing suit all day and how that attitude would translate when you're not at the beach. I asked myself: How exactly does that feeling fit into our lives in New York?. Ultimately it is about a cotton panty that you have on around the house and then wear out to get coffee," she told Vogue.

Things have not been easy for Emily when it comes to her fashion line. Back in 2017, famous designer Lisa Marie Fernandez sent a cease-and-desist letter claiming a similarity between two of Emily's designs and her own.