In film industry, the remuneration of actors are paid based on the popularity and fan following. Not just actors, supporting artistes are also paid huge amount to act in movies. Among many, Yogi Babu is one actor in the recent years who is in a huge demand. His career is steady and on the rise which is reflecting in his pay-checks.

How much Yogi Babu does earn for a film?
Stars get lump sum amount for a film, but in case of supporting artists, they are normally paid for numbers of days they work in movies. So, Yogi Babu too gets salary for the number of days she attends the shoot. According to producer K Rajan, the comedian receives astonishing Rs 10 lakh, per day. 

Yogi Babu
Yogi Babu.PR Handout

However, the remuneration, as per the industry insiders, will be different if Yogi Babu acts as a hero in the movie. Like stars, he too will be paid per film rather on the basis days he attended the shoot.

Why did K Rajan reveal Yogi Babu's salary?
K Rajan is upset with Yogi Babu for not completing a movie that he signed before he earned popularity. Speaking at a film event, the veteran producer said, "He had taken part in the shoot three years ago. It was before he shot to limelight, but he is yet to dub for his role. The producer of the film has been pleading him to complete it, but the actor is not paying any heed to the calls,"

"Today, he might be getting Rs 10 lakh per day, but he was working for Rs 10,000 a day, then. I have spoken to him. Whenever I called he used to tell me that he was in outdoor shooting and would complete it once he returns to Chennai. This has been the case for months now. Currently, he is shooting in a foreign country for a film by Sundar C," K Rajancontinues.

Yogi Babu in Gurkha
Yogi Babu in Gurkha.PR Handout

The veteran producer requests Yogi Babu to complete the dubbing once he returns to Chennai in February. K Rajan took a dig at Yogi Babu to charge Rs 20 lakh per day without bothering about the producers, while blaming the producers of digging their own graves by paying hefty amounts for the actors.