Lisa Manoban
Lisa ManobanFacebook/YG-Family

Fans of 2NE1 have long wondered when YG Entertainment would work on an all girls group and it seems as if their prayers have been answered. The entertainment company's second girl band will debut in July 2016, and in keeping with their theme of introducing members every week in June, YG Entertainment provided the latest update. The company released images of the second member, Lisa Manoban, on their Facebook page on Tuesday, June 7.

Last week, the entertainment agency introduced Jennie Kim as the first member of the band. The Korean rapper, who has appeared alongside G-Dragon previously, will most probably be the rapper of the new all girl group. However, little is known about the new member, Lisa, apart from the fact that she's a skilled dancer.

In the pictures released by the company, Lisa dons a school girl look, one that resonates with band member Jennie Kim as well. This similarity is not lost on fans as well, who wonder if this will be a significant part of the band's debut.

Here are some quick facts and a profile of the new member of the all girl group:

  • Lisa is 19 years old. She was born on March 27, 1997 and is originally from Thailand.
  • She is fluent in several languages including Korean, Thai, English and Japanese.
  • According to a fan blog on Tumblr, Lisa has appeared in BIGBANG member Taeyang's music video, "Ringa Linga."
  • She joined YG Entertainment as a trainee in 2011 after being placed #1 in the company's auditions in Thailand in 2010.
  • She modelled for YG Entertainment's fashion brand, NONAGON/NONA9ON.
  • She knows fellow YG Entertainment trainees, Jennie Kim, Kim Jisoo and Park Chaeyoung. In fact, she has appeared in an Instagram video with her contemporaries.