Pavitra Punia
Pavitra Punia plays the role of lawyer Nidhi Chabbra in Instagram

It is revenge time in Star Plus' popular daily drama "Yeh Hai Mohabbatein." After Ishita (Divyanka Tripati), lawyer Nidhi Chabbra (Pavitra Punia) will now find herself behind bars.

Viewers know that Raman Bhalla (Karan Patel) and Ishita are back together to reveal Nidhi's truth and prove that Ishita is innocent. The couple will come to know that Nidhi bribed a judge who handled Ishita's case.

"Nidhi will be trying to bribe the judge and hatch a plan against the Bhalla family. Raman-Ishita will get Nidhi arrested so that she gets a taste of her own medicine," a source told

Nidhi has a clip that can prove Ishita is not guilty of killing advocate Chaddha (Lalit Bisht) and while she is behind the bars, the couple will try to find the chip. But Raman and Ishita will be forced to bail out Nidhi, as only she knows where she has kept the chip.

"They will also decide to get the chip while she is in the jail from her locker," the source added.

This piece of information will certainly make Raman and Ishita's fans happy. Fans of Ishita and Raman, also called as IshRa, were disappointed with the track, which showed Nidhi taking Ishita's place in the Bhalla family. They even threatened the new vamp on the show for coming close to Raman.

"Yes. I am getting threatening messages from fans. I am loving the fact that the audience is accepting my role so well, but what I fail to understand is how can one not get that its all on-screen. It is just a character, not real. I want to tell my fans to love my character, but threatening messages get scary sometimes," she told India-Forums.