Mihika Varma
'Yeh Hai Mohabbatein' actress Mihika Varma bullied on social mediafacebook

Actresses getting bullied on social media platforms is not new and the latest one who is disturbed by this act is "Yeh Hai Mohabbatein" actress Mihika Varma.

Mihika, who plays the role of Divyanka Tripathi's sister in "Yeh Hai Mohabbatein", told a leading daily that a man sent her abusive and sleazy messages on her official Facebook page.

Not only her, the messages targeted Mihika's brother Mishkat Varma as well.

"I have an official fan page on Facebook and I try to read messages and even reply to some if I get the time. I was scrolling through messages and saw these messages from a man which was written in such a bad language that I was quite disturbed. He even abused my brother Mishkat Varma. I don't know why he sent those messages -maybe he wanted to get my attention or maybe he saw some of my pictures from my modelling days where I was in short clothes. This is the first time something like this has happened to me on social media," Mihika told The Times of India.

However, the actress will neither take down her social media account nor take any actions against the man, who bullied her on social media. For now, the actress has blocked the man on Facebook.

"Like the Delhi girl who posted the sleazy messages sent to her by a random guy online, I also thought I'd do the same. But I have decided to give the man the benefit of doubt and not take any action against him. He is someone from Meerut who is currently settled in Noida. I have blocked him and in case he tries to harass me by creating some other profile, I will make his name public and also file a complaint against him with the cybercrime cell. I have posted a status on Facebook about this man and since then I have been getting a lot of support from my fans," she told TOI. 

Read Mihika's Facebook post below: 

Hi all...with a lot of sadness I would like to tell u all that I have been receiving some very disturbing abusive comments from some very mentally sick ppl...I have literally stopped myself from posting screen shots of what a few of these disturbed men have been messaging me...I'm quiet now but don't mistake my silence for fear...from how I look at it..either these men want my attention ( which they can now successfully rejoice about) or they are just products of bad upbringing. I don't fear anyone or anything and if this continues I will post screen shots n track these ppl down...trust me I'm not a girl u want to mess with:) and I know I have the support of millions of ppl who love me n my work...plz continue ur support and I hope u stand by me n help me track these men if these messages continue:)