Millions of Chinese from around the world are hopeful that the Year of the Dog will bring in prosperity and good luck this Lunar New Year. But the Year of the Dog might not bring good luck to those born under the same zodiac sign.

And that includes the US president Donald Trump, who was born in the year 1946 -- the Chinese Year of the Dog. According to Chinese astrologers, this year Trump will face bad luck.

Louis Wong, a Chinese astrologer and Feng Shui practitioner, predicted that this year Trump will have a rough ride. Wong told the South China Morning Post that the US president is a Fire Dog that means he is hot-tempered, talkative and not having a peaceful relation with others and this will have an impact on him proving it to be a difficult year ahead.

"For the coming year, Donald Trump will still be at the center of arguments within the White House, and between different countries," Wong told SCMP.

U.S. President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump watch the Florida Atlantic University Marching Band before hosting a Super Bowl LII watch party at Trump International Golf Club in Palm Beach, Florida U.S., February 4, 2018Reuters

"His colleagues in the White House will resign very frequently. The harmony in his office will not be good ... but I think he will still stay in his position for at least two to three years, no problem."

Another Chinese astrologer, Clarice Chan, has predicted a rough year for Trump.

Chinese New Year 2018 photos
This photo taken on February 5, 2018 shows dog lanterns displayed at the Yu Garden in Shanghai, ahead of the coming Lunar New year, marking the Year of the Dog.AFP/Getty Images

"Fire Dogs are generally very ambitious, driven and energetic," she told SCMP. "They can be good leaders but they can also be very judgmental, stubborn and resistant to change."

Chan also agreed with Wong and said that Trump will have 'problems getting along with people, and he already has his own opinions and unconventional way of thinking. Ultimately, his character will make it very difficult for him."

She said that Trump might face a major political crisis this year. "The opposition party is really going to fight him this year. If he is more flexible and tones down his approach, it is likely he will stay on as president. But if he is very forceful, he will face trouble."

Chan further said that April, July and October will not be favorable months for Trump and he will have issues with international relations.

"I think the North Korean crisis will continue, but the Dog year of 2018 is meant to be a harmonious year, so I don't think it will build up to an explosive event."