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Debutant director Sridhar Marri's Telugu movie Ye Mantram Vesave (Ye Manthram Vesave) starring Vijay Devarakonda and Shivani Singh, has got mixed reviews and average ratings from the audiences.

Ye Mantram Vesave is a romance drama, which has been written by Sridhar Marri and produced by Malkapuram Siva Kumar under the banner Golisoda Film Productions. The movie has received a U certificate from the censor board and it has a runtime of one hour and 47 minutes.

Ye Mantram Vesave story: Vijay Devarakonda is an insensitive and irresponsible guy, who is mad about games. He befriends a girl (Shivani Singh), who challenges him to play a game with her. He leaves his friends for her. But her life is in danger after one of his friends, who is upset with him, traps her . How he saves her from him forms the crux of the story.

Analysis: Ye Mantram Vesave is a love story and it is a unique attempt that is different from Vijay's previous movies Arjun Reddy and Pelli Choopulu. But debutant Sridhar Marri has failed in creating an entertaining and engaging screenplay. The movie is boring and tests your patience, say the audiences.

Performances: After Arjun Reddy and Pelli Choopulu, Vijay Deverakonda has delivered another brilliant performance, which is the highlight of Ye Mantram Vesave. Shivani Singh is making her acting debut with the movie and she has done justice to her role. Her chemistry with Vijay is good. Komya Virak, Nilakshi Singh, Raja Babu, Asish Raj, Prabhavati and Deepak have done justice to their roles, say the viewers.

Technical: Ye Mantram Vesave has average production values. Abdus Samad's songs and background score, Shiva Reddy's cinematography, stunts, dialogues and selection of beautiful locales are the attractions on the technical front, say the film goers.

Ye Mantram Vesave movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Continue to see the audiences' response.

Mithun Bharathi @mithunbharathi

#YeMantramVesave the story iz developing as A game and each stage nikki is going after rags #YeMantramVesave starts being interesting once d game starts... up until tat not much happening #YeMantramVesave interval comes up very fast with few twists along d way and film is not a drag ... till now except for 1st 15 minutes which is a big let down #YeMantramVesave the production values are equal to a low budget ... but graphics is the best part of film they spent money with graphics making it youthful to look on screen. editing has made it crisp without dragging and d twist in climax is appreciable.... wud be 2 starrer ...#YeMantramVesave jus for d climax finish i wud advice ppl to watch it awesome climax....b YeMantramVesave editing has made it crisp without dragging and d twist in climax is appreciable.... wud be 2.75 /5 starrer. #YeMantramVesave #VijayDeverakonda has done justice in this low budget witj his sincere efforts n acting.... #shivani is a big let down in acting dont act again... 1 song and bgm is worthwhile to mention ...

Hemanth Kumar CR‏ @crhemanth's my review of #YeMantramVesave : More like watching the paint dry for more than two hours only to be told "Go, Get A Life" in the end. One of the worst films of 2018 (even thought it was made in 2015) already.

Yashwanth‏ @ya5hw4nth

Halfway through #YeMantramVesave and you'll fell you're in the game, lost although. Not a cinematic experience though.. You'll never feel that @TheDeverakonda is on the screen..

Karthik‏ @HeIsKARTHIK

#YeMantramVesave -- (0.75/5) Boring to the core..... Very poor DIRECTION, SCREENPLAY n Dull production values. Not even liked in parts. Short Films are far better than this. AWFUL to watch........

Vinay Ane Nenu‏ @Coolest_VINAY

#YeMantramVesave @TheDeverakonda elanti low budget movies endhuku ayya Irritating 1st half Not a bad story Very bad execution Low budget #YeMantramVesave @TheDeverakonda Story selection #Dwaraka #pelli choopulu #Arjun reddy #YeMantramVesave Koncham cast and crew, production kuda chusuko

AVAD‏ @avadsays

Liked the concept of #YeMantramVesave But the execution is what falters..

Cinema Radar‏ @cinema_radar

#YeMantramVesave Movie Review - Bland and boring It tests patience Cheap production values and Very poor Direction Even @TheDeverakonda can't save Short films are better than this - 1.5/5

Mirchi9 @Mirchi9

#YeManthramVesave first half is below average with short film standards. Follow @Mirchi9 US premier live updates. @TheDeverakonda #YeMantramVesave is a stretched version of a short film on the big screen. Though the message and intention is right, it falls short of big screen making standards.

Telugu360 @Telugu360

#YeMantramVesave first half report -- Pretty boring -- Lacks cinematic experience

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