Arya and Kreshna starrer "Yatchan" has opened to mixed reviews from the audience. The movie is directed by Vishnuvardhan.

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"Yatchan" is an action-comedy film, which has Deepa Sannidhi, Swati Reddy, Kishore, Y Gee Mahendra, MS Bhaskar, Thambi Ramaiah, Robo Shankar and others are in the cast.

SJ Suryah has done a cameo in "Yatchan". The technical team comprises of Yuvan Shankar Raja, who has handled the music department, Om Prakash, who is the cinematographer and editor Sreekar Prasad.

The movie runs on parallel stories and meets at some point. Ruffian Thoothkudi Chinna (Arya) accidentally kills someone and escapes to Chennai. Aspiring actor Pazhni Karthik lands in the Capital city of Tamil Nadu to pursue his dreams and his girlfriend played by Swathi Reddy is very supportive to him. The entry of the character played by Deepa Sannidhi gives a major twist to the story as there are plans to kill her. Why people are behind her? Will she be assassinated? Answers to these questions form the crux of the story.

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Average Ratings Given by Audience: 2.5

"Yatchan" has opened to mixed reviews from the audience. While Ajith's fans have given thumbs up for the content for dozens of his references, general audience seem like have not quite liked the film. The screenplay is not up to the mark and fails to keep the audience engaged at places. However, Yuvan Shankar Raja's music has won the hearts of the audience.

Sidhu Posted
#Yatchan: Yuvan does well on the songs & the BGM. And yes, sure treat for Thala fans with references throughout - this time with reasoning.
#Yatchan: Based on the chaos theory, it takes a non-serious route through a huge cast. Needlessly prolonged at some places.
#Yatchan: Timepass. Vishnuvardhan takes you back to his AA and Pattiyal days with this entertainer which ends up as a fair show.
#Yatchan Interval: Fine, so far. Interesting core plot which builds up slowly with a dozen characters spun around. Impressive BGM by Yuvan.
Hi MMDDDDCLT About to watch #Yatchan in sometime.

Arshad Batcha™ ‏Posted
Lead actors @arya_offl @Actor_Krishna performed well and did justice to their roles. Comedy works big time with less importance to romance.
Another stylish film making by @vishnu_dir
@thisisysr shines in songs and background score. Great camera work by @omdop
A treat to watch, entertainment guaranteed with comedy, action and romance. A complete entertainer with lots of Thala references.

Muhammed Ariff ‏Tweeted
#Yatchan watched!!! Light hearted movie..nothing time watchable!!big treat for Thala fans!! Don't expect big!!fair entertainer!!!
#Yatchan bit confusing while seeing that the story is comedy or thriller..vishu touch is missing!!but definitely better than vaalu and VSOP.
#Yatchan main plus is yuvan music!!!Lead pairs acted well!Screen play could have been better!!! but movie is not boring even single min!!!

ReviewDino ‏Wrote
#Yatchan Review: An average thriller movie with nothing new to offer. Mediocre first half, crappy second. Arya was the sole savior. 2.75/5

Haricharan Pudipeddi Posted
#Yatchan what a mess. Even with an interesting premise, it ends so predictably. And Balaji isn't funny anymore. Actually very annoying

Sahin Vaaz Posted
@itisprashanth watched #Yatchan 2/5 good story bt poor screnplay and Kirishna poor action,vijay sethu is right choice

Arun Wrote
#Yatchan - THALA being an integral part of the whole film sets another example saying "THALA RULES" Theriii mode for welcoming #Thala56
#Yatchan - A superb cool cameo by @iam_SJSuryah with reference to Thala. #Yuvan's rocking score elevates the film.
#Yatchan - A fun filled entertainer frm @vishnu_dir n team.Theatres'll go berserk fr sure.Royal Treat fr THALA fans

Tamil Movie News™ Posted
#Yatchan is complete thala treat ,That we can see #Thala references importance on towards the climax..

G.V.HARI Tweeted
#yatchan 1st half over. so far semaya irukku. NO mokka/bore scenes . @vishnu_dir @arya_offl @Actor_Krishna

Ramesh Posted
#Yatchan [3/5]: Jus a Fun ride.. Story of two men and how their lives change due to confusion.. Humour and action.. Little romance..
#Yatchan [3/5]: @arya_offl and @Actor_Krishna do justice to their roles.. Swathi is impressive.. Deepa is OK.. #RJBalaji is hilarious..
#Yatchan [3/5]: @thisisysr 's BGM is a big plus.. @vishnu_dir and SuBa r big names.. If you go with reasonable expectations, u will like it!
In #Yatchan, @arya_offl being a #Thala fan is crucial to the story.. He makes a key decision based on that.. @vishnu_dir has justified it!

Racket Raja Tweeted
Watching @vishnu_dir s #Yatchan
Thanking Card Directors @menongautham @iam_SJSuryah @dirvenkatprabhu & Vijaya productions #YatchanCelebrations
#Yatchan Halftime, Movie Engaging So far, @arya_offl @Actor_Krishna Gud Performance,Theri Interval Block @vishnu_dir
#Yatchan Two Parallel diff Persons Connects at a Point. Action,Romance,Humour,Gripping Story Line.. Another Multi-Starrer Hit @vishnu_dir

Subash Matheswaran ‏Tweeted
#Yatchan Two Parallel diff Persons Connects at a Point. Action,Romance,Humour,Gripping Story Line.. Another Multi-Starrer Hit @vishnu_dir

Shanmugavel Tweeted
#yatchan #Fdfs 1st half - interesting but slow..Good BGM by yuvan. Pre interval scene and cinematography excellent.

Common Man Sathish Posted
‪#‎Yatchan‬ First half - Vishnuvardhan has almost used "Thala" as a characterization in the movie to gather support from Thala fans. He has given more space & opportunity for his brother Krishna to perform. There are lots of characterizations in the movie. Swathi impresses with her performance. Interval block ends with good twist, which raise expectations for the second half. Movie success heavily relies on the second half

Sudhish Kamath ‏Posted
P.S: Whoops! Sloppy second half but the lighthearted mood ensures you don't take the film seriously. Forgettable entertaining fare #Yatchan

Rajasekar Wrote
#Yatchan -a superb plot let down by 'SP Muthuraman' style of climax. But watchable for its quirky characterizations. #SoSo