Horror movies have done quite well in Kollywood in the recent years. From "Pizza" to the recent "Kanchana 2", films even without A-list actors in this genre have turned out to be winners at the box office.

Now, we have one more here in the form of "Strawberry", which is inspired by real-life incidents. The movie is written and directed by Pa Vijay, who has also played a character in the flick. Samuthirakani, Thambi Ramaiah, Yuvina Parthavi, Avani Modi, Robo Shankar, Imman Annachi and others are in the cast.

Taj Noor has composed the music, Maara Varman has handled the cinematography and Shaan has done the editing for "Strawberry". 

The early reviews emerging from social media sites say that the movie has won the hearts of the audience. Below, we bring you their response to the film:

CineWriters Posted
#Strawberry superb Horror movie kudos to the team
@poetpaavijay1 @Avanimodi @ThenandalFilms @tajnooor

Bharathnt Tweeted
Inspired by a real-life incident tat brings tears. #Strawberry is a must-watch. Gud show by Pa Vijay.
Heart-wrenching movie by PaVijay. A must watch for parents. A fantasy flick with a much- needed message. A hard- hitting story. #Strawberry

Ramesh Wrote
Even #Strawberry has the mandatory #Thala reference.. Robo Shankar is a #Thala fan.. There is a significant scene involving #Thala reference
#Strawberry is based on the real life unfortunate incident of a school kid falling to death through a hole in a school bus in Chennai..
#Strawberry [2.5/5] : Deals with an important subject of safety negligence by our schools.. Horror & comedy genre.. Some interestin moments
#Strawberry [2.5/5] : Lyricist #PaVijay has done the hero role.. He is OK.. #AvaniModi is so so.. #Samuthrakani as usual has done his best..
#Strawberry [2.5/5] : Dir #PaVijay has the right intentions.. But falters on execution.. A tighter screen play would have made it better..

Kollywood Cinema Wrote
#Strawberry 3/5 Good Horror Movie with a Good Message | @poetpaavijay1 @Avanimodi @ThenandalFilms @onlynikil

Raisa Nasreen Posted
#Strawberry movie: Predictable horror film sans the spooks. Nothing even remotely scary about it. But it carries an imp social msg.
#Strawberry movie: Everything is served on the plate - except the fruit itself!