Yash-Radhika Pandit Daughter Ayra Naming Ceremony
A picture of Yash and Radhika Pandit's daughter Ayra's naming ceremony.PR Handout

Radhika Pandit has given her first reaction over her second pregnancy, which was announced by her husband and actor Yash, on Wednesday, June 26. The actress is excited to welcome the new member to her family.

Speaking at a press meet of her upcoming movie Adhi Lakshmi Purana, Radhika Pandit said, "I think it is a God blessing. I am lucky that such a good thing is happening in my life again. So, we are looking forward to it." The actress gave birth to baby girl Ayra last December.

The news of her second pregnancy just six months after the birth of her first baby took the fans by a surprise and they have been showered with congratulatory messages non-stop.

However, a section of their well-wishers were little worried about the arrival of the second baby as the doctors, usually, suggest to have at least 18 months gap between the two babies.

When the media raise the concerns, Radhika Pandit indicated that they are going forward only after the doctors gave a green signal to it. "If it was not okay, we would not have gone forward. Maybe, we were destined to it," the wife of the Rocking Star said.

Radhika Pandit tied the knot with his long-time friend and boyfriend Yash, who is busy with his mega-budget project, KGF 2, in 2017.

On the professional front, she is missing in the action after Santhu Straight Forward in 2016. Her next movie is Aadi Lakshmi Purana in which she has paired up with Nirup Bhandari.