Yash in KGF
Rocking Star Yash in KGF.PR Handout

Rocking Star Yash, who has become a household name across India following the massive success of KGF: Chapter 1, has said that there is years of hard work behind him and he did not become overnight star.

He claims that one film does not change the career of an actor. "One film doesn't change the fate of a person. It is a process, what one has done over a period of time sometimes come together as a force. I did not become a star overnight. I built my career brick-by-brick. There was years of hard work behind me before KGF happened,"

Yash Cautious about Success
The Rocky Bhai indicates that all the good things came together for the KGF: Chapter 1, but he is cautious about the success going to head.

"The success of KGF is not ultimate and I would never like to rest on my laurels. I speak about my films till it hit the screens. Once it is out, I will not talk about it. And if the movie turns out to be a hit, I would not open my mouth at all. Because it might make you lose your focus," Yash adds.

Rocky Bhait Meets a Fan from Philippines
Meanwhile, Yash has met a fan from Philippines. Talking about it, the actor says, "He came across my English interview, got impressed and saw my earlier movies with subtitles. He also saw my interviews related to KGF. I wonder how he understood Kannada. He mouthed a couple of lines when he met me and also brought sweets for me,"

The fan travelled from Philippines to Bengaluru through four flights and Yash came to know about him through the media. "It becomes duty for us to meet such fans," he ends.