Among the new bands scheduled to make their debut, YG Entertainment's upcoming all-girl band has many fans excited. The entertainment company has so far been tight lipped about the band members and their music, but YG Entertainment's CEO Yang Hyun Suk said that his company will reveal one member every week, starting from today, May 30.

While he still didn't give out any information about his new project, he did say that the girls have been training relentlessly. He described their training process as nothing short of a military camp. According to YG Entertainment's CEO, this difficult process has helped the band members prove their talent.

"They won't have the feel of being a second 2NE1 because they are slightly different. We're a little burdened because it's our first girl group in 7 years, but we're confident," Allkpop quoted him as saying.

Earlier, several news reports speculated that "Unpretty Rapstar" cast member Moon Sua would be a member of YG Entertainment's girl group but the company refuted the rumours.

In a statement, the entertainment agency said, "Moon Sua is a trainee that still has a long way to go. She is not one of YG's new girl group members."

Other members who are rumoured to be part of the girl band are Kim Jinsoo and Jang Hana. However, we reported that the latter hasn't been selected to debut as part of the band.

YG Entertainment's new girl group will make its debut in July 2016. Until now, the company hasn't issued an exact date.