Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd. unveiled 04Gen scooter design concept model at the ongoing inaugural Vietnam Motorcycle Show 2016. The scooter design features semi-transparent movable exterior panels that look like wings and give it the bird-like stance.

The 04Gen was designed based on the RUN-WAY concept of Yamaha that stands for Revolutionary, Unique and Noble. As the name suggests, the 04Gen concept is the fourth concept from Yamaha that positions design as a central pillar. Yamaha says the RUN-WAY concept evokes the image of women with an air of dignified elegance and grace in mind and body.

Compared to regular scooter body structures that hide the frame with exterior parts, the 04Gen only covers the frame with semi-transparent exterior parts. This shows interior structure and the cover can be lifted up like scissor doors. The seat and handlebar grips seem to be made of leather.

Based on the RUN-WAY philosophy, Yamaha Motor has announced three design concepts previously. The 01Gen in 2014 was a crossover motorcycle with two wheels at the front. The 02Gen was an electrically power-assisted wheelchair in 2014, while the 03Gen in 2015 was a tricity scooter.

Yamaha is coy about the production version of the 04Gen as well as the powertrain. It will stand as a piece of art on wheels until Yamaha decides to give wings to the concept.