Yahoo Mail Rolls Out New Update with Numerous New Features
Yahoo Mail Rolls Out New Update with Numerous New FeaturesYahoo/ Screenshot

Times are shaky for Yahoo at the moment, but in an attempt to keep its offerings convenient to its loyalists, the company has included Google Drive integration, an update to Yahoo's e-mail app. The new feature will allow Yahoo Mail app users to add Google Drive files as well as files from their Dropbox to their messages.

The update also allows users to insert gifs from Tumblr while composing a mail. The features are available on the latest versions of the iOS (version 4.3) and Android (version 5.4) apps.

While composing a mail, Yahoo has added a new gif icon on the same line where users can attach files and insert image. Tapping on the gif icon takes them to a page where they can access the most popular gifs on Tumblr.

The gifs are also filed under different categories, like Love, LOL, Cute, Cheers, Fail and Happy. Users can also search for the perfect gif.

On the same line as the gif icon, Yahoo has added a little cloud icon. "The first time you tap on the cloud icon in compose, you'll be asked to connect to your Google Drive or Dropbox account," Yahoo says in its announcement.

Users can sift through their Drive or Dropbox to attach files or directly search for them. After selecting the file, users will be asked to grant permission to the recipient to access the file before being inserted into the mail.

The updated apps for Android and iOS also allow users to preview large files before downloading them. Also, the Android app will allow users to delete drafts right away. Three new Yahoo mail widgets have been introduced for Android users that allow them to not only keep an eye on their inbox, but also quickly start composing a mail at the touch of a widget.