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Himesh Reshammiya and rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh starrer "The Xpose" has surprisingly managed to gain mixed reviews from critics.

The film is a musical thriller directed by Anant Mahadevan. It features beauty queens Zoya Afroz and Sonali Raut in the female lead roles.

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Mehul S Thakkar of Deccan Chronicle said: A tough task to be pulled off but director Anant Mahadevan has stuck to a tight script, just under 2 hours of run time, and managed to show some ugly, some beautiful truths of the film industry. What also adds to the whole packaging of the film is the attention to minute detail of that era be it as minute as a ceiling lamp or a pen. R.K studios, a treasure house of antique items, have been credited to supply film cameras of those times for the shoot, shown as props in the film.

The film has its zone, which is a no brainer. Talking about one-liners, dialogue writer Bunty Rathore has come up with some gems. There are plenty like these but why it has deserved a mention is because of the tone of the dialogues. It's loud, authoritative and confident keeping in mind all the traits that the character Ravi Kumar has in the film.

Madhureeta Mukherjee of The Times of India said: It's the swinging 'seX'ties' (60s) - with an 'Xtra' 'X' factor. Larger-than- life superstars, bulging bosoms, sensual sins, high-riding hemlines, charisma galore and exciting extra-marital affairs. This is where "The X-pose" unfolds.

It's pacy but the plot unravels stylishly, not intelligently (some suspects don't have a clear motive for murder). Sonali is stunning and impressive, Zoya makes a pretty picture and Yo Yo is best when he's grooving. Himesh slips well into his character, with quirkiness and confidence. This is far from a mind-bending thriller, but a decent effort which has some good 'ol masala to keep you entertained.

Rahul Desai of Mumbai Mirror said: Intentional or not, this film gets away with it the same way Om Shanti Om does-not designed as biopics (Heroine) but as unwaveringly cringe worthy stories mirroring the era they represent, the kind where the title appears over a can of 'Exposed' film reels.

Honey Singh proves to be mildly competent, thereby not fitting into the scheme. Still, this is nothing that can't be overcome with a rowdy gang of friends and pre-screening tequila shots. 3 stars for the entertainment. Note that the final rating is the Arithmetic Mean-still two more than the number of stars in the film.

Shubhra Gupta of The Indian Express said: How can anything that sends up a great era of Hindi cinema, where stars lived kingsize in mansions with curved staircases, be anything but full on entertainment? To an extent, "The Xpose" does succeed.

Part of the fun is in speculating who's who. Is Ravi Kumar, Raj Kumar or Rajesh Khanna or a cross between both ? It could be either, but my money is on the former.

If they had maintained the tone, "The Xpose" would have been a hoot. But songs get stuffed in, a love angle slows things, and it gets stuck in cop stations and courts. They should have just kept the cheese thick.

Suprateek Chatterjee of Firstpost said: "The Xposé" is that rare lowbrow effort that knows exactly what it wants to be and is single-minded in its determination to be that product.

Simply put – and I'm sorry to disappoint everyone who thought this would be the next Jaani Dushman – "The Xposé" is surprisingly watchable, even in a non-ironic manner.

"The Xposé" has the good sense to be irreverent. It's a stupid film that knows it's a stupid film and celebrates it, without being melodramatic or overlong (it runs for just under two hours). Come to think of it, that's a lot like every Yo Yo Honey Singh song ever.