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Xiaomi Mi A1KVN Rohit/ IBTimes India

When Xiaomi rolled out Oreo update for its Android One series Mi A1 handsets last month, the user excitement couldn't be contained. It has been a few days since many devices have received the new software, but it looks good neither for users nor the company.

Xiaomi has temporarily suspended the rolling out of Android 8.0 Oreo update for its Mi A1 smartphones due to series of issues. Several users took to Twitter and Mi Community forums to share problems on the Mi A1 after installing the latest software. If you had been waiting to upgrade your Mi A1 to Android Oreo but haven't had the chance to do it till now, you're in sheer luck.

Xiaomi is expected to begin rolling out the Android Oreo update to Mi A1 devices in the next couple of weeks, Mi India confirmed. It is natural that the company would want to fix the series of problems that made Mi A1 users extremely upset and then resume the software rollout glitch-free.

If you've been a victim of the buggy software update on Mi A1, you'd know your troubles. But popular problems following the rollout include unresponsive camera and dialer app, Bluetooth sucking out the phone's battery, issues with the "Recents" app button, unexpected app crashes, proximity sensor failure and more.

Xiaomi Mi A1 as seen on its official site
Xiaomi Mi A1 as seen on its official siteXiaomi (Mi)

Xiaomi acknowledged one of the problems, where the dialer app would hang before making a call, and came out with a quick fix. The delay in making calls can be infuriating, but it appears Xiaomi's software update isn't the one to be blamed entirely.

According to the company, the issue is only happening on phones running MyJio app. Disabling the Phone permission for the app fixes the issue with the dialer app. You can do so by going into Settings > Apps & notifications > App info > MyJio > Permissions > Disable Telephone permission. The alternative is to uninstall the MyJio app from your phone.

"We just dropped an Android Oreo update for Mi A1 a few days back. We stumbled upon an issue where some users were having issue with dialler app getting hanged or there's an unusual delay in making the call. Upon researching we found that MyJio application is causing ANR when a call is being made or received and hence the issue. The issue is seen when MyJio app is being present with all app permissions granted," Xiaomi said in a community post.

But other problems in the Android Oreo-powered Mi A1 still have no permanent fix. Users complained of the screen acting up while on a call, which appears to be an issue with the proximity sensor. Apps are experiencing unexpected crashes, and ambient display notifications are also not working for some users.

Battery drain due to Bluetooth is one of the pressing issues with the new software, which needs immediate attention from the company. It is likely the company will roll out bug fixes to solve these problems, but it remains to be seen how soon Xiaomi has a fix ready.