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Samsung recently announced that it would start the supply of the first set of dual-lens camera modules to Chinese smartphone-makers between July and September. With Samsung Electro-Mechanics already supplying its single-lens camera modules to Xiaomi, it is speculated that the roll out of dual-lens camera modules is just around the corner.

"The company is currently working on installing the production facilities for the dual-lens camera modules at its global production factories," an executive of the firm said, while announcing its earnings for the second quarter.

The dual-lens module has gained immense popularity over the last few years, with Huawei utilizing the module recently on its flagship P9 smartphone. In the Huawei P9's dual camera setup, one of the lenses takes a monochrome image, while the other takes a coloured image, bringing out a sharp image. South Korean company LG has also demonstrated use of dual lens technology in the G5 smartphone.

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The South Korea-based company has not made any official announcement regarding its Chinese partners, but Xiaomi and LeEco are believed to be among the list.

The dual-lens camera modules came to the spotlight after a compact camera design company, named Corephotonics, was introduced at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) two years ago.

The key feature of the dual-lens camera module is that the images taken from the two lens modules are combined together via algorithms and stitched into a single higher resolution image. The module is also effective for HDR and low-light photography that eliminates any visible noise or blur. Is this where the smartphone cameras headed? Only time will tell.