LG G5 Full Review: A knight with not so shining armour
LG G5 Full Review: A knight with not so shining armourRohit KVN/ IBTimes India

After using the LG G5 for a good couple of weeks, we are ready with the full review of the flagship device.

Here's our take on the LG G5:

LG G5: Design and build quality (4.5/5)-

For the last few years we are witnessing stagnation in innovation, a key aspect in the niche flagship category phones to make them stand apart. Most of them are coming with incremental upgrades, only in terms of internal hardware. This apparently allowed emerging players like Xiaomi, LeEco, among others to pose a threat to Tier-1 brands like Apple, Samsung, HTC, as the former churned out devices with same specifications for half the price compared to proclaimed marquee phones.

Even LG G4 too was guilty for not having any innovative features, but thankfully the South Korean company has taken rather radical decision (we welcome it) to incorporate modular-based design language for G.

We felt the sleek and curvy LG G5's design language refreshingly different to all other elite phones in the market. It is the closest device to match the Google's path breaking Project Ara modular phone.

[Note: Moto Z series launched by Lenovo-owned Motorola cannot be placed on ranks with LG G5, as the former comes with just modular accessories]

LG G5's modular-based design language allows swapping of battery, which is unseen in any metal-clad phones in the niche flagship category.

The revolutionary concept of LG G5 allows user detach lower chin and replace the battery at will. The user just has to press the dock button provided in the left-edge at the bottom edge.

Another notable design feature we were impressed with is the smooth tapering end of the display on top. Though it does not serve any purpose, it sure does add uniqueness to the phone.

As we said earlier, LG G5 flaunts a full-metal body. However, the company's shoddy paint job on the shell takes the sheen off the phone. Though the device is sturdy to hold, its rear-cover looks like it is made of plastic. We opine that LG should have used anodized metal like we see in Apple iPhones.

LG G5: Display (4.5/5)-

LG G5 sports a 5.3-inch QHD LCD display and comes with staggering pixel density of 554 ppi (pixels per inch). With so many pixels grouped in such a compact form, viewing videos on the LG G5 is a delight. It also comes with a value-added – "Always-on" display feature. It allows users get a glimpse of any notification/messages, reminders, and also look time, without having to open the Lockscreen.

LG G5: Camera (4/5)-

LG G5 boasts 16MP+8MP dual-cameras — one with a standard 78-degree lens and another with a 135-degree wide-angle lens, the widest available in any smartphone in this category.

The 135-degree lens offers a viewing angle approximately 1.7 times wider than those of existing smartphone cameras and 15 degrees wider than the human eye's field of view, the company claims.

During our testing, LG G5 camera took some stunning pictures. It also fared impressively under low-light conditions as well.

Even the 8MP front-camera is of top-notch quality. It took brilliant selfies under all conditions. We opine the LG G5 camera hardware is on par with Samsung's Galaxy S7 series and also HTC 10 as well.

LG G5: Performance (4/5)-

LG G5 houses Qualcomm's powerful processor to date, Snapdragon 820 backed by Adreno 530 graphics engine, 4GB RAM and 32GB inbuilt storage.

The G5 runs Optimus v5.0 UI on top of Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. It's interface is refreshingly simple and it is not cluttered with any unwanted apps. This apparently helps the phone perform optimally.

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The LG phone fared well to whatever we threw at it. G5 is snappy in terms of loading of apps, multi-tasking and while playing graphic heavy games, we did not notice any lag as such.

It scored 121,969 points on AnTuTu performance test, and it got an impressive 2,105 and 4,637 points in terms of single-core and multi-core tests, respectively on Geekbench 3.

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LG G5: Battery (3.5/5)-

LG G5 houses a decent 2,800mAh battery. In our testing, the device with full charge was able to stay awake for more than 18 hours when used moderately, which included at least 45 minutes of talking (4G), few minutes of gaming, video play back, WhatsApp messaging and internet surfing.

We were also impressed with quick charging feature of LG G5, it took a little over 90 minutes to fully charge the device.

LG G5: Value-added feature-


LG G5's houses a fingerprint scanner on the back, which also doubles up as the power button. The response time of the biometric sensor is really swift. It takes very little time to recognise the finger- impression and open the Lockscreen. Its false rejection rate is not worthy of a praise.

LG G5 Review:Verdict (4.1/5)-

LG G5 houses top-of-the-line internal hardware as seen in all other flagship phones in its category, but its unique design makes it stand apart.

Though its modular-concept based allows only changing the battery and attaching a couple of accessories, LG has to be appreciated for taking this radical approach. We believe G5 has a set new benchmark in commercial smartphone design and hope more improvement will be incorporated in the future model.


  • Innovative modular design language
  • Fantastic camera
  • Decent battery that lasts a day easily


  • Poor paint job on the back
  • Inbuilt storage could have be more
  • Expensive price-tag