Xenoblade Chronicles X
Xenoblade Chronicles X will be released on 29 April, 2015 in Japan and later-on in North America and Europe.nintendo.com

The upcoming gaming title from publisher Nintendo, Xenoblade Chronicles X, has a new 24-minute video that aims at showcasing the game's open world and navigational systems.

The video show the open world setting of the game. The video is in Japanese and there is no translation as such; however, GameInformer has provided use with details.

The game allows players to create male or female characters. The video shows one of the characters walking through the New Los Angeles and showing off the urban areas with its shops and cafes and more. Players will be able to join various factions.

It has been revealed that the map is divided into hexagons. The game gives more importance to the hexagonal grid where players will have to establish data probes that will help in the creation of networked information. This probe will help reveal information like monsters and data on treasures.

Two features are coming back to Xenoblade Chronicles X, quests and affinity system. Players will be able to accept quests from multiple characters in the area.

The video shows us that the game contains areas like forest, the desert, the arctic tundra and volcanic continents. Players will be able to travel fast to their destination via returning feature of Landmarks. It is much easier to explore the game environment due to the addition of two new features - Navigation Ball and Hover Camera. Navigation Ball will guide players to the waypoints that have been set up and Hover Camera will allow the player to survey the surroundings from the sky.

Another important feature is that of the Doll, which can be transformed into car and travel faster or can go into flight mode as well. Dolls can come handy in areas that cannot be reached by foot.

Players will be facing a variety of enemies as we can see in the video. They will face human-sized aliens to giant-sized dinosaurs. The video also shows some of the races that are existing in the game. The game is expected to be featuring four-player online quests.

Another feature that has been added in the game allows up to 32 players to exchange information and trade items with one another. The game reportedly weighs 22.7GB.

Xenoblade Chronicles X will be releasing on 29 April, 2015, in Japan and sometime later in North America and Europe for Wii U hand-held console.

Apart from this, the new Nintendo 3DS will also be getting Xenoblade Chronicles 3D game on 10 April, 2015.

(YouTube Courtesy: Nintendo)

(YouTube Courtesy: Nintendo)