xbox One Fitness Programme
Xbox One Fitness

Of all the things Microsoft's Xbox One can currently do, one that was majorly missing from the console (and is already present for the Sony PlayStation 4) is the ability to freeze frame to grab a screenshot. However, that feature is coming in fast with the next big update and is being rolled out for beta

The screenshot grab feature for the Xbox One has been long anticipated by users of the Microsoft-made console, but things didn't seem clear enough until a couple of weeks ago Microsoft's Phil Spencer teased that the screenshot feature is coming to the Xbox One shortly. However, things look more solid now with the latest announcement related to its roll-out.

As part of the planned system update in March, the massively-requested feature will let gamers grab a freeze-frame of the action in either of the two ways: say "Xbox take a screenshot" (if they have a Kinect hooked up) or double tap the Xbox button on their controller, then press Y to take a picture.

While this is big news anyway that the Xbox One will finally be able to capture screenshots, there are a host of other such utility features inside the console that you might have skipped for one reason, or the other. Here's a look at the six other things your console can already do.

Seamless Sync with Tablets/Mobile Devices
While the SmartGlass support from Microsoft was always there, it seems like the support was offered a new lease of life with the release of the Xbox One. Once you download the dedicated app for the same, it's free and simple usability experience can help you interact with a number of games as well as movies. All you need to do is activate the program in your browser.

If you have an Xbox One console that's also fitted with the latest Kinect support, you could easily use to record game clips and share them with your friends and others. You can use the Upload app to capture gameplay clips, edit them in any way you want and upload them through the newly added YouTube app.

Free Fitness Program
If you have a Kinect attached to your console, you might as well put it to good and healthy use. For starters, Microsoft has lined up several free fitness programs to take advantage of the Xbox Fitness app. Needless to say, it could help you get in shape. Interested fitness buffs can look for it under Bing search, or in the Apps section of the store.

Home Menu Personal Customization
In case you didn't know, you can customize the home menu the way you want. When you first head over to the games menu, you should see a number of different icons. Just press the Home button and that will pull up a side menu with options. Select 'Pin to home' and it'll be sorted to your home page without any real hassle.

Xbox One Snap Compatibility
With the Xbox One's Snap compatibility around, the possibilities could be endless once you connect your TV feed into it via the HDMI cable. Once you are plugged in, the Xbox One will then recognize the signal and broadcast it directly through the console, while enabling Snap features soon afterwards.

Twitch Live Streaming
The Xbox One, similar to the PS4, is capable of live streaming via Twitch. It does take a moment to set up the Twitch settings on your system, but with it you can live stream sessions while chatting with others via a side menu. And all this while broadcasting the session using the camera of the Kinect.