Xbox One
Xbox One leaking oily liquid? (Reuters)

Microsoft's newest gaming console Xbox One, which rivals Sony's PlayStation 4, is suffering yet another major issue; this time it's the leakage of an oily liquid that many users have complained on at various Xbox Support Forums.

Complaints reveal that Xbox One has been leaking a white liquid that looks like the thermal compound that remains in the region between the chip and heat-sink.

CynicalAnarchy, a forum member, posted a couple of pictures (picture 1 and picture 2) of the supposed leak on the support page, giving credence to the complaints. "My Xbox One is leaking out some kind of oil out of the vent, and there is these white milk like stains in the center of the vents," he said.

"I didn't just take a picture as soon as I saw the residue I waited two weeks then I came here to the forums, to try and find out if I was the only one with the problem, and then today, I posted the pictures and contacted microsoft, like the person up there suggested.

"I take relative good care for my Xbox, I've only place my controller or the mic on top of the xbox, I haven't spilled anything on it and the oily sticky ness you see in the pictures is me trying to wipe it up earlier in the week, hoping the problem went away," he added.

Apparently, the forum member was ignored by some members in other Xbox forums, while some forums even banned him after accusing him of putting up fake images. "I've read a few off the comment on the sites saying I'm a fake or a troll cause they don't see any Xbox One games on my recent games, Both AC4 and BF4 are Xbox One games, the only ones I have. I can assure you this is not fake, I don't have an actual camera, but I'll see what I can do about getting a better picture," he said.

Another user at the same forum, xXCat09tailsXx comically put it that the Xbox One was "lactating".

Meanwhile some members questioned the legitimacy of the images, asking how can a liquid leak vertically, and right above the exhaust fan. One member suggested it might be due to the humidity factor in the complainant's apartment and "the condensation from the heat was generated at the vents."

However, others had the following suggestion. A N4G user, TIER1xWOLFPACK said, "This could be a capacitor on the motherboard they can leak fluid. Thermal paste won't do that as it's to thick and is more likely to dry up than run across the motherboard etc."