If you are more prone to anything related to Microsoft and its next-gen gaming console Xbox One, we are sure you have been hearing a lot about a certain Xbox One exclusive called Quantum Break. And while we don't have much information about the game, it seems like the title could be announced at this year's upcoming Gamescom event.

Quantum Break, the upcoming exclsuvie for Xbox One, has been stuck in development hell for quite some time now. In fact, we almost forgot that the game actually exists. Nonetheless, it seems like the game is finally ready to be showcased at Microsoft's press event at Gamescom 2015.

Sure, we have no solid proof that Quantum Break will indeed be showcased at Gamescom this year, but going by what Xbox boss Phil Spencer had to hint about it, there's a big chance that we will have our first big look at the game at Microsoft's press event.

Recently, when asked on Twitter whether the upcoming action adventure game would be treated to a solid release date at this year's Gamescom, Spencer responded, saying, "You'll see on Tuesday. I think you'll be happy."

But as we mentioned before, still nothing can be taken for granted at this point of time, since there's no official confirmation from the company for the same.

In case you weren't aware about the game itself, Quantum Break was revealed initially to the world back in May 2013, alongside the Xbox One's unveiling. The game was meant to have a TV series that would act as a sort of companion for the original game, the events of which were connected to the game.

As of now, Microsoft's Gamescom press event is set for 4 August at 10am EST.

[Source: Gamingbolt]