Xbox One
Microsoft has more than 100 video games available for its Xbox One Backwards Compatibility feature.Reuters

Microsoft's announcement of a new feature, Xbox One Backwards Compatibility brought smiles to many gamers who had wanted such a feature in this next-generation console. Currently, this feature is already live on the console.

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility feature allows its users to access and play selected Xbox 360 games on the new console, bringing the best of the console's hardware to these games. This feature has also ignited the interest among several gamers on playing the Xbox 360 games.

With this feature, players can play games that were either previously owned or newly purchased, and can even insert Xbox 360 discs to the console. Apart from this, currently there are more than 100 gaming titles that support backwards compatibility, and Microsoft has promised that this number will increase gradually.

Phil Spencer, Xbox boss recently replied to a question about the difficulty in purchasing Xbox 360 games via a browser instead of buying it directly from Xbox One. In his reply, he said, "We've heard this request and we are working on a solution."

Gamepur has shared an easy guide for gamers who want to transfer Xbox 360 game saves to Xbox One using the backwards compatibility feature.

Step 1: Connect the Xbox 360 and Open the Dashboard

Step 2: Select Settings and then System

Step 3: Select Storage and from there the Hard Drive (which contains your Games Saves).

Step 4: Choose Copy or Move from the Options after selecting the Data

Step 5: Choose 'Cloud Saved Games' to save the data on the cloud.

Step 6: Switch the Device and Plug-in Xbox One

Step 7: The console will automatically start downloading the game saves from the cloud.

Step 8: Done! The transfer has been successfully completed.

Note: If users have saved games on the External Device then they must attach and use the same method, but see to it that the console supports USB 3.0 and its size is above 256 GB.