Xbox One Backward Compatibility, the popular feature in Xbox One, has received three more games. The new games have been revealed to be "Aqua," "Anomaly Warzone Earth," and "Lazy Raiders."

Major Nelson aka Larry Hryb, the Director of Programming at Microsoft, revealed the information via his Twitter post.

"Aqua," a 2010 arcade-action shooter from developer Games Distillery, is set in alternate reality where the majority of the world is under water. Players, who have to command a vessel that navigates the seas, view all this from a bird's eye perspective. The vessel contains several types of weapons. The game has nine missions and several play modes. It has three types of ships (speedboats, cruisers and gunships) and each ship has its one unique ability and attribute.

"Anomaly: Warzone Earth" is 2012's real-time strategy tower defence video game from developer 11 bit studios, which has been set in the near future and in the aftermath of the crash landing of alien spacecraft in several cities around the world.

The players take control of vehicles that investigate the mystery behind the spacecraft. The player has to defend the convoy from the defensive towers near the spacecraft.

"Lazy Raiders" is a 2010 puzzle video game from developer Sarbakan. The game lets the player flip and spin the entire world, letting the objects move through mazes. It has 80 levels and three different settings.

These three games add to the ever-growing list of backward compatible games on Xbox One. There are rumours that Microsoft might announce some AAA video games to the backward compatible roster at the upcoming E3 2016.