It is January and that means WWE's most exciting pay-per-view is here. The 2019 edition of the Royal Rumble has not set the world alight with excitement but trust WWE to spring a few surprises that will keep internet either complaining or raving about the annual event.

Here are a few rumours and spoilers for this year's event which will be held at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona.

Brock Lesnar will be conquered

If anyone told you ten days ago that Finn Balor will face Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble, you would imagine he has a bad sense of humour. Yet, here we are; three days away from Balor vs Lesnar after the former pinned John Cena to earn his place beside "the beast".

brock lesnar
Ethan Miller/Getty

Lesnar is readily described as a lazy wrestler but the WWE Universal Champion is ready to go plenty of extra miles if he cares about his opponent. His matches against AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan have shown that given the correct wrestler, Lesnar will work a properly exciting match where he also receives punishment; and on the go home episode of RAW, Lesnar was selling every Balor move from outside the ring.

Given the state of Brock Lesnar's contract and his imminent return to the WWE, one could well see Balor pull off the shock of the year. Anyone who has watched WWE over the years will know – when you least expect it, Vince McMahon throws a major curveball which leaves you spellbound.

Matt Hardy returns in the Royal Rumble match

Hardy has been off television since his tag team run with Bray Wyatt came to a halt as a result of his health condition. News has come in that he has been made available to wrestle this weekend and considering his immense popularity, WWE is sure to push him as a surprise Royal Rumble entrant.

Along with Hardy, his former tag team partner Wyatt is also rumoured to return to the ring. Wyatt's former compatriots Luke Harper and Eric Rowan may also return which might lead to a Wyatt Family reunion.

Do not put a Tye Dillinger number-10 entry beyond the WWE as that is a major source of easy audience engagement.

Ronda Rousey screws Becky Lynch

Lynch is the biggest star in WWE at the moment, regardless of gender. She draws the hugest audience reaction and her newly acquired gimmick of being ruthless has really made her popular. Thus, WWE wants to cash in on her popularity by pitching her against Rousey at WrestleMania. Easy – just have Rousey screw her in the SmackDown women's championship match and...

becky lynch, wwe
Becky Lynch / Instagram

Becky Lynch wins the women's Royal Rumble

...have Becky Lynch win the women's Royal Rumble. It is obvious that the championship match will happen before the Rumble match. Hence, this will be the perfect opportunity to have Becky Lynch turn the show into a success. The fans will feel sympathetic towards a person they already adore after the Rousey screw-job. Thus, her unexpected entry and subsequent victory will definitely win the fans over and it will fit into WWE's long-term storyline.

Braun Strowman wins the men's Royal Rumble

Braun Strowman
Braun StrowmanWWE

Anyone believing Seth Rollins will win the Royal Rumble because WWE has genuinely pushed him is not used to Vince McMahon's decoys. While Rollins will last till the end, going all the way might not be possible. Firstly, he has an ongoing feud with Bobby Lashley and secondly, Braun Strowman. Rollins might be this year's iron man who gets agonisingly close but is eliminated by a heel – that works for both parties.

Stowman, on his part, is a massive star and WWE have hinted they want another showdown between the "monster among men" and the "beast incarnate".