WWE 2K17
2K Games

WWE 2K17, popular professional wrestling video game from 2K, has released a new patch 1.06 for the game.

The patch will fix DLC issues and brings changes to gameplay.

The DLC fix paves way for the release of last DLC for the game, called Hall of Fame Showcase. The showcase features 2016 WWE Hall of Fame inductees. Players will feel nostalgic when they play throwback matches in old school arenas.

The fixes to DLCs would also mean issues in the past DLCs like syncing will be resolved.

Further, patch 1.06 brings stability issue fixes to the gameplay. Fixes will include warping issues, Major Reversal icon briefly flashing onscreen, stamina issue, issue with Moves and more.

The patch could also make the matches shorter as some of the matches get dragged on unnecessarily.

Here are the full patch notes for patch 1.06:


  • Fixed a stability issue when performing a Dirty Pin while the referee is down in a match
  • Fixed issues with various corner comeback moves not being able to be performed
  • Fixed an issue in which Superstars couldn't reposition an opponent back into the ring when dragging a standing opponent outside the ring
  • Addressed a warping issue that occurred when performing apron grapples from outside the ring
  • Fixed an issue with Superstars getting stuck when grappling a female Custom Superstar performing an apron taunt
  • Addressed issues with certain moves not connecting properly when performed
  • Fixed an issue where a Superstar's body could float unnaturally when reversing certain moves
  • Tuned damage values of various moves that were previously dealing too much or too little damage, including reversals that were not dealing damage as intended
  • Addressed stamina consumption issues for several moves
  • Addressed issues with an opponent not being able to interrupt or reverse certain moves as intended
  • Addressed a warping issue that could occur when performing certain moves near the rope
  • Fixed an issue with a Superstar not being able to grapple a stunned opponent when both are near the top of a ladder
  • Fixed an issue with the Major Reversal icon briefly flashing onscreen at an inappropriate time
  • Addressed warping issues that could occur with multiple moves when performed near a ladder
  • Fixed an issue with Finisher icons being incorrectly awarded to the attacking Superstar after a "Spear 7" signature move is reversed
  • Fixed an issue with the "Curb Stomp 2" move causing a Superstar to run indefinitely against the ropes
  • Addressed an issue with Superstars getting stuck performing the "Boom Drop" in tag team matches


  • Improved online stability for 6-Man matches featuring all Custom Superstars in WWE Live
  • Fixed a hang issue that could occur when quickly selecting Custom Superstars in WWE Live
  • Fixed a disconnection issue that could occur when a friend attempted to join a session while the host was on a loading screen

Wwe Universe

  • The "Weeks Held" statistic now properly tracks cumulative weeks across a Superstar's title reigns rather than continuous weeks in the longest title reign
  • Addressed an issue with Superstar UI positioning during Falls Count Anywhere and Extreme Rules matches
  • Fixed a stability issue that could occur when destroying multiple environmental objects and proceeding to the next match after winning in WWE Universe

Visual Presentation

  • Addressed a finger clipping issue with the "John Cena Champion" entrance motion
  • Fixed an issue with Eva Marie's entrance when she is a title holder and an alternate attire is used

Wwe Creations – Superstar

  • Addressed an issue when applying headgear parts to Kane (Corporate)
  • "Abilities" will no longer be grayed out when adjusting a Superstar's weight in WWE Creations
  • Fixed several warping and clipping issues that occurred when various clothing parts were equipped
  • Fixed several issues with the color of clothing parts changing when choosing Lettering logo options
  • Fixed an issue with body art (torso) designs not applying around the hips of female Superstars
  • Fixed multiple issues with hair dye not applying as intended to certain WWE Superstars and hair styles

Wwe Creations – Entrance

  • Fixed an issue with the opponent's music playing incorrectly during sections of an Advanced Creations entrance intended to have no music generated
  • Fixed a display issue with the motorcycle in Undertaker 00's entrance motion when using a female Superstar
  • Fixed an camera issues for certain entrance motions when assigned to a female Superstar

Wwe Creations – Video

  • Addressed stability issues when previewing select cutscenes

Wwe Creations – Arena

  • Addressed an issue with applying logos to turnbuckle pads
  • Fixed an issue when applying stage patterns to the WCW Bash at the Beach 1994 arena

Wwe Creations – Move-Set

  • Improved preview animations for various moves in Edit Move-set


  • Fixed an issue with post-match music failing to play after winning a match with an alternate attire Superstar
  • Addressed issue with Zack Ryder and crowd not chanting "Woo woo woo" during his victory scene
  • Fixed an issue with delayed audio in Shawn Michaels' 97's victory scene

Downloadable Content

  • Added support for the "WWE 2K17 Hall of Fame Showcase" downloadable content ahead of release.
  • Revised several move animations to appear more natural and adjusted syncing issues for moves from the WWE 2K17 Legends Pack, WWE 2K17 New Moves Pack, and WWE 2K17 Future Stars Pack
  • WWE 2K17 Future Stars Pack – Addressed an issue with Superstars getting stuck when performing the Hyperdrive move
  • WWE 2K17 Future Stars Pack – Eliminated a beeping sound that played during the match-up screen for matches featuring The Club
  • WWE 2K17 Future Stars Pack – Fixed an issue with the Tye Breaker move failing to award Signature Touch points
  • WWE 2K17 Future Stars Pack – Users can now modify the colors of Mojo Rawley's face tape in WWE Creations
  • WWE 2K17 Future Stars Pack – Fixed an issue in which hair dye incorrectly applied to Luke Gallows's face
  • WWE 2K17 Future Stars Pack – Fixed an issue with the referee getting stuck after performing a pin combo with the Magic Killer and Hype Ryder moves