WWE 2K17: How to Win a match via dirty pin and unlock a major trophy
WWE 2K17: How to Win a match via dirty pin and unlock a major trophyTake-Two Interactive

With WWE 2K17 slowly finding popularity and preference among gamers owning both consoles and PCs alike, it becomes only imminent for this category of gamers to get to check out certain secret ways of obtaining trophies and thereby unlocking hidden manoeuvres. One such aspect is beating opponents via execution of a dirty pin. Playing dirty, in WWE 2K17, also unlocks a trophy.

Check out the below guide that should help you play dirty in WWE 2K17, and pin opponents illegally:

How to effect the dirty pin technique to end a match?

Step 1: Choose a character that has dirty pin listed in his move set. A classic example of such a character is Seth Rollins (also known in real life WWE to win matches illegally or via cheating). Other predominant "dirty" characters include Triple H and Ric Flair.

Step 2: Wear down your opponent, by beating the hell out of him. Beat up the opponent till the health meter (of the opponent) goes into the red.

Step 3: After step 2, ensure that your opponent is facing up; near the ropes. Take the opponent near the ropes.

Step 4: After you take the opponent near the ropes, find a spot/area where it becomes easy for you to get the dirty pin. To ensure this, watch the "Dirty Pin" message float around on the screen; this message will be accompanied by a dot. Click and hold this dot to get the dirty pin.

Step 5: Then get the three count and cover your opponent. Here, observe that you will be able to pin your opponent illegally with even the referee standing like a mute spectator. With dirty pin, you get to pin your opponent with your feet on the ropes. Effecting a dirty pin on an opponent lets you unlock a trophy.

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