WWE 2K17 for PS4 and Xbox One: Best finishing moves in the games that are as effective as nuclear weapons
Finish your opponents off with devastating finishers moves in WWE 2K17Take-Two Interactive

WWE 2K17 is currently live for gamers owning Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One consoles across the globe. At this time, it is natural for gamers to remain engrossed in the game and check out all the new aspects that are on offer. A major in-game aspect to check-out for is the finishing moves, by different wrestlers, executing which guarantees a victory.

With finishing moves being the focal point, check out below a list of 5 most-effective finishers, excluding Brock Lesnar's F5 and Goldberg's spear (as rated by gamers having played the game already) that are as lethal as a nuclear weapon. Do note that these are also independent of wrestlers:

  • Randy Orton's RKO 'outta nowhere': Even though Brock Lesnar kicked him out from this finishing manoeuvre during Summerslam 2016, Randy Orton's RKO in WWE 2K17 has been rated as highly effective. The USP of this manoeuvre is that it can be executed literally out of nowhere.
  • Dean Ambrose's Dirty Deeds: Like last year, Dean Ambrose is a playable character in WWE 2K17. Gamers have rated Ambrose's dirty deeds as amongst the top finishers in the game. This aspect should interest gamers to choose Dean Ambrose as their character and hit Dirty Deeds on the opponent(s).
  • Kinshasa Knee Strike by Shinsuke Nakamura (available as NXT Collectable edition): An unconventional entrant in this list, Shinsuke Nakamura captures eyeballs in WWE 2K17 just like he does in real-world WWE. His signature move, the Kinshasa Knee Strike, has been found to cause maximum damage to opponents especially when the latter is exhausted. Gamers are of the opinion that this signature manoeuvre is best used after wearing down the opponent completely.
  • Big E's Giant Spear: This needs unlocking, which can be done by following the instructions given here. The giant Spear is highly effective as it ensures that opponents end up with broken ribs, after being subjected to the manoeuvre.
  • The Backstabber: Generally used by many wrestlers, the Backstabber is as effective as the Tombstone Piledriver as it ensures that opponents do not get to kick out during the 3-count. This move is best executed after the opponent has significantly been worn-out and when the energy levels are low.
  • Backpack Facebuster: This has been found to be effective by gamers and the move requires you to carry your opponent on your back vertically and then slam him face-first on to the ground. Like the Backstabber, the Backback Facebuster has been found to work effectively after the opponent is significantly fatigued due to wear and tear caused by you (your in-game WWE 2K17 character).