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Sometimes, it is the smallest of things that can make Twitterati go crazy. However, today, was no such day. It was Akshay Kumar's massive revelation of drinking cow urine regularly that has broken the internet. As soon as Akshay made the statement, he started trending on Twitter and how! Khiladi Kumar is known for his age-defying looks and fitness, and if gaumutra is what it takes, why not!

Akshay Kumar had joined Bear Grylls for an Instagram Live to talk about their jungle adventure. He was accompanied by his BellBottom co-star Huma Qureshi. When Huma asked Akshay how he managed to drink the elephant poop tea, Akshay said, "I wasn't worried. I was too excited to be worried. I have cow urine because of ayurvedic reasons every day, so that was okay."

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This was enough for Twitter to go berserk and come up with the craziest of memes and jokes. One user wrote, "Everything finally makes sense.. All that cringy crap that he passes off as comedy is coming from drinking a living animal's Pee.Awesome," and another wrote, "Akshay Kumar says he drinks cow urine, regularly. As if anyone was unaware about it."

"Akshay Kumar has revealed he drinks Cow Urine everyday. His next movie will be - Gau Mutron ke Khiladi", "Akshay Kumar reveals he drinks cow urine every day Seriously! Indian cow or Canadian cow? Gau Mata or Aunty cow? Tricky !", "If I get to Interview Akshay Kumar I want to ask him this 'Aap Cow Urine kaise peete hai? Straw se sip sip karke ya Glass se gat gat kar ke?'", "Probably Akshay Kumar is unaware that cow also produces milk which is much more edible than the thing he's drinking", "Please tell Akshay Kumar that he is waiting at the wrong exit of the cow. It gives milk as well," "Hi @akshaykumar, how many retweets for you to post a video of you drinking cow urine?" were some more of the comments on Twitter.