Expensive shoes
The world's expensive shoes is priced at $15.1 million (£11.4 million).debbie_wingham/Instagram

After the world's most expensive garment, British designer Debbie Wingham has now introduced the most expensive shoes priced at $15.1 million (£11.4 million). 

The expensive pair of shoes was commissioned as a birthday gift by an unnamed family (and extremely rich).

Wingham took hundreds of hours to design the shoes that feature 3-carat pink diamonds, one-carat blue diamonds, which alone cost more than $13 million (£9.8 million). The shoes also feature three-carat white diamonds and 1,000 pointer diamonds.

The zips and plaque beneath the shoes are made of solid gold. The shoes were hand-made, the designer used 18-carat gold thread, and the leather was painted with 24-carat gold paint. The shoes are adorned with Arabian Jasmin flowers made from leather and the designer has used diamonds to decorate it.

"Last night was the big reveal of my 4th world's most expensive, the world's most expensive shoe valued at 15.1 million, this time I wasn't a one woman band and I did a collaboration with the AMAZING Chris Campbell from the @shoebakery," Wingham said on Instagram.

"It was created for one of my arabian clients who had a portfolio of diamonds and wanted a unique piece of diamond art, the client loves pastries and fashion, a girl out of my own heart, Chris Campbell was my obvious partner since he is excellent at what he does and his mind set is pastry all the way! we designed the shoes together and Chris made them since he is a shoe art master, this is unusual for me since im a control freak and create everything myself with my name on it but Chris doing a WME can be life changing, I'm so glad I could present you this opportunity and let's just say you smashed it!!!"

This expensive pair of shoes is the third expensive thing she has made till now. She previously made a $64 million (£48.5 million) cake and then a $15.45 million (£11.7 million) dress.