Sudan, the last northern white rhino
Sudan, the last northern white rhinoScreenshot/Ventuno

Sudan, a 40-year-old male white rhinoceros, is the last of its kind in the world and in order to protect it from poachers, a 24/7 security has been arranged for it in central Kenya.

Sudan spends his days with two other female rhinos, Najin and Fatu, in Ol Pejeta Conservancy wildlife sanctuary. Apart from them, two other female white rhinos are housed in zoos.

Meanwhile, the authorities have removed Sudan's horn, which has a huge market in Asia, as a measure to protect him from poachers.

"With the rising demand for rhino horn and ivory, we face many poaching attempts and while we manage to counter a large number of these, we often risk our lives in the line of duty," Simor Irungu, said in an interview with the UK's World of Animals magazine.

As part of security measures, the last rhinos are also fitted with radio transmitters. In order to avoid the extinction of the species, authorities are also thinking of artificial insemination.

"The only chance we're going to have full northern white offspring is artificial insemination. But so far, this method has proved to be very difficult in rhinos," Matthew Lewis, senior program officer for African species conservation at the WWF told National Geographic.

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