Chinese smartphone manufacturers have been competing in the world market with all kinds of advanced technologies. Xiaomi, one of the biggest Chinese manufacturers has altered the grandeur of renowned brands like Samsung, Nokia, and LG by providing benchmark tech at a lower price range. This time Redmi might release the world's first phone having the 64MP shooter as a successor to its Redmi Note 7 Pro's 48 MP camera

Looking at the competitive nature of Xiaomi, it can barely be thought that the company will not use the latest released tech in its smartphone. Samsung released its 64MP camera sensor in May but was never introduced into a device. But Redmi might launch a new smartphone with the 64MP camera, making it the first brand to do so. 

64MP camera samples
The 64MP camera samples from Xiaomi |Twitter/Manu Kumar Jain

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer is assumed to bring about massive camera changes with the latest Samsung sensors that the company flaunted in its Weibo profile. The assumption was backed by the statements from the company that Redmi would be entering into an era of 64MP phones.

The company though did not give any hint on the sensors, it is most evident that it would be using the Samsung sensors to be the first to produce the 64MP camera-centric phones.

Redmi K20 official look
Redmi K20 official lookTwitter/Manu Kumar Jain

The new Redmi phone is expected to be packed with Tetracell binding Technology that would push out quality pictures in a low light environment. The shooter is expected to boost all the pixels through a single toggle in proper lighting conditions. Improvements in auto-focus, 480p full HD video recording might bring in better camera results. If the company also focuses on the Quad Bayer Sensor for the real-time HDR, then the smartphone might create a revolution among all the camera-centric phones.

Xiaomi is stimulating the Redmi fans with quote pointers and samples creating a sensation among the public for their new launch someway round the corner.