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Apple iPhone X comes with one of the best camera hardware in the industry.Reuters

World Photography Day aka World Photo Day was first celebrated on August 19, 2010, and the date originates from the invention of Daguerreotype, a photographic process developed by Joseph Nicèphore Nièpce and Louis Daguerre in 1837. On January 9, 1839, the French Academy of Sciences announced the daguerreotype process. A few months later, on August 19, 1839, the French government purchased the patent and announced the invention as a gift 'Free to the World' to inspire budding photographers.

Since then, the camera has evolved so many times from being a giant camera box to hand-held point-and-shoot snappers and palm-sized phones. Thanks to this, photography is no more a niche profession and with the advent of social media, anyone with passion can take out their phone to snap a photo to express their joyous feeling and also attract government attention to bring change to the society for a good cause.

Among many mobile brands in the world, Apple iPhones have become handy photography tool. In the recent years, the camera hardware has been impressive and we can see them on social media channels with hashtags-- #ShotOniPhone and to mark the World Photography Day, we have got some stunning pictures captured on Apple mobile with photographers' account of stories behind them. Check it out.

The below photo was taken by Prashant Vishwanathan,  a freelance photographer who has worked for several editorial publications in India.

Prashant was exchanging stories during a smoke with this grandfather in the city of Bundelkhand "A few generations ago the Thakur's of this village poisoned the liquor at a marriage party killing the groom, his family and the men of his caste. As a warning to other lower castes, they threw the bodies in the common well. The only water source became the warning to generations to come to not to look at their women!"

Apple, shot on iPhone
What are some of your favourite places to shoot around the world and why? "I hail from a country which has embedded thousands of mini-cultures, subcultures, languages, ethnicities, religions, food habits and history. India is my canvas I love to photograph in. In the past, I have travelled to Bangladesh, Nepal, Cambodia, the United States and Bhutan in the past. The aesthetic of the street differs from country to country. India is pure chaos, Bhutan is architecturally beautiful and isolated, New York is crowded but organized, Cambodia is stuck in the 70's like our own Kolkata, while Sri Lanka is neatly paved, Nepal is historic but breaking away. Every place is unique and exploring them has been my pleasure. Of all the places I loved shooting in Bangladesh, as I was reminded time and again how my country was 30 years ago and how we can easily slip back into that kind of chaos if we don't take remedial checks and balances in fields of education, literacy and health," Vishwanathan said.Prashant Vishwanathan via Apple

The below photo is taken by Ashish Parmar, an Indian photographer who typically shoots in a variety of settings including weddings, music festivals and wildlife.

A portrait that you've taken of someone this year, along with what that person means to you?

"I shot this image of my best friend's wife, Pashmeena. She is like a sister to me. We were at a friend's wedding and during the send-off (bidaayi), I captured Pashmeena with a faraway look in her eyes. She later confessed that it's reminded her of her wedding and her bidaayi. This was shot on Portrait mode using the stage light option," Parmar said.

Apple, Shot on iPhones
Ashish Parmar took photo of his friend.Ashish Parmar via Apple.

This photo below was taken by Altamash Javed, a Pakistani photographer currently living in Dubai. He is an ex-investment banker who credits the iPhone for helping him switch careers to become a full-time photographer. As a professional photographer, he still uses his iPhone extensively both for work and personal photography. Architecture, travel, aerial & documentary photography are his passions.

Apple, shot on iPhones
What is the most inspiring photo you've taken on the iPhone this year, and why? "One of my favourite shots is at the Hassan 2 Mosque in Casablanca. The sheer size of this mosque is just incredible. My friend was praying and the frame just came all together. When I saw it I took a few steps back tilted the phone up a tad and captured the moment. It is to this date a distinct shot from my travels," Altamash Javed said.Altamash Javed via Apple

The next photo is taken by Paul Zizka, an author and award-winning mountain landscape and adventure photographer based in Banff who travels frequently worldwide capturing "under-documented" areas including glaciers and auroras. Paul also runs photography workshops around the world.

Apple, Shot on iPhones
What is the most inspiring photo you've taken on the iPhone this year, and why? "My home is in the mountains and I draw great inspiration from spending my time amongst them. I love the history not only from a geological point of view but from those who have lead the way, pioneering routes and exploring the area so many years ago. It is almost incomprehensible to imagine the harsh conditions they faced with such limited clothing and equipment. I used this inspiration to recreate a typical pioneering scene using a mountaineer model dressed in a typical outfit for that time," Zizka said.Paul Sizka via Apple

The below picture is taken, Vivian Liu, the founder of Studio UNIT. She studied architecture at the University of Waterloo and Harvard University's Graduate School of Design and discovered her passion for photography. Her style has broadened to include portraiture, natural landscapes and product photography.

Here's how Vivian Liu managed to snap the stunning picture on her iPhone X: "I was on a portrait shoot and we decided to explore one of the most popular parks in Hong Kong. Being on a Sunday, it was extremely crowded but we managed to find a spot hidden from people and the result looked like it was shot somewhere in a lush forest. I was also impressed with the capabilities of the iPhone X, with its natural colour, sharpness and tonality, which made the shot look like it was straight from a magazine, taken by a professional camera."Vivian Liu via Apple

The below picture was taken by Erica Wu. She was born in Taiwan and immigrated to the US at the age of 17. Erica graduated from the Academy of Art in San Francisco. She currently works as a freelance photographer and travel blogger in Taiwan, specializing in photos of animals, street cats and scenery around the world.

Apple, Shot on iPhones
What is the most inspiring photo you've taken on the iPhone this year, and why? "The sunflowers are just full of energy and passion. Looking at them makes you feel warm and hopeful." Wu said.Erica Wu via Apple

The below picture is taken by Jirasak, a photographer who has captured several stunningly beautiful shots through his iPhone. His work reflects the arts of local lifestyles in upcountry Thailand.

Apple, Shot on iPhones
This photo is of his pet dog. "He is my best friend. Meaningful photos or happiness is all around. Sadly my best friend has passed away," Jirasek said.Jirasek via Apple

This gem of a photo (below) was taken by Andrew Knapp. He is originally from Sudbury, Ontario, has published multiple pictures books of worldwide travels with his pal, Momo the dog and has a highly engaged social following on Instagram. All of his photos are edited in Lightroom for iPhone.

Apple, Shot on iPhones
What are some of your favourite places to shoot around the world and why? "Muralla Roja in Calpe, Spain – the architecture by Ricardo Bofill is out of this world. The first photo is definitely one of my favourite shots this year," Andrew Knapp said.Andrew Knapp via Apple

The below photo is taken by Kerem Uzel, a photographer who graduated from Istanbul Technical University and went to the US to attend the New England School of Photography for his MA in photography.

A portrait that you've taken of someone this year, along with what that person means to you?

"My son Ali, 7 years old, shows his secret stone from the sea where he found it. I have always hard time to get good photos of him, as a photographer and a father. Happy to capture his proud moment of showing his valuable item," Kerem Uzel said.

Apple, Shot on iPhones
What are some of your favourite iPhone photography gear and apps you can't live without, and why? "After I got my iPhone X, I used some different photo apps such as Halide, Camera , Procam and Provoke. I finally decided on working with Provoke, set on high contrast B&W option. As I depressed with political agenda of the country, shooting on high contrast helps me to transform my feelings," Uzel added.Karem Uzel via Apple.

The next photo is captured by Vanessa Heinsa Toronto based photographer known for editorial and commercial photos of musicians and celebrities. She regularly shoots high profile talent and live music for CBC's The Strombo Show and House of Strombo.

Apple, Shot on iPhones
A portrait that you've taken of someone this year, along with what that person means to you? My friend SHAD is one of the warmest souls who truly has the worlds greatest smile that permeates all. I feel like if you know him and see this photo you can actually hear his incredible laugh. I feel like if you don't know him and see this photo, you instantly want to be his friend (and trust me, you do!), Vanessa Heins said.Vanessa Heins via Apple

The next photo is taken by Zack Zhang. Born and raised in Beijing, Zhang graduated with honours from London College of Communication in 2005. After gaining various working experience across Europe, Zack came back home and soon got assignments with many illustrious publications. For his elegant and advanced style, he garnered an international reputation and has photographed many well-known personalities.

Apple, Shot on iPhones
What are some of your favorite iPhone photography gear and apps you can't live without, and why? "I like to take photos directly from my iPhone when I'm just strolling on the road so I rarely use external equipment. Apps I use include VSCO, NOMO, Onetake and Enlight." Zhang saidZack Zhang/Apple

"Shooting animals with Portrait mode is a whole new experience. The details and texture of the animal skin can be been clearly seen, and the bokeh effect really makes the animal stands out," Zhang said.

The next photo is taken The next photo is taken by Kael Rebick, a popular photographer on Instagram based in Toronto.

Apple, Shot on iPhones
A portrait that you've taken of someone this year, along with what that person means to you? "This is my niece, Rosie. I love this portrait so much because of the sheer delight in her face. It really shows her inner light and beauty," Rebick said.Kael Rebick/Apple

Rebick has spent years capturing the beauty of her city as a hobby and passion. Her work now takes her to spectacular destinations around the globe.