World Photography Day 2015
World Photography Day 2015Reuters

World Photography Day, observed every year on Aug. 19, brings together thousands of photographers - amateur as well as professionals - from across the world to celebrate and appreciate the wonderful art of photography.

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The camera enables an individual to capture moments that are gone forever and cannot be created again. It enables one to live those precious moments again, and inspires people across the globe to share their world with the world.

Let's take a look at the top 15 Instagram accounts to follow for amazing photographs on the occasion of World Photo Day.

Steve McCurry

 Pete McBride

Jeff Mauritzen

 Steve Winter


@natgeo @stevewinterphoto #NatgeoEarthDay Everyday is Earth Day Earth Day on April 22 celebrates our planet and the life that it provides for all living things. Though we have humans often forget that without the vital necessities our planet gives us we would no longer survive. The air we breathe the water we drink is all here for us every moment of every day. Though we take it for granted as we do the natural systems which provide these life giving elements. The oceans and forests give us the air we breathe. 50% of our oxygen comes from forest - the other 50% from the oceans.Though we cut down the forests and pollute and remove the creatures which keep our seas in balance. 75% of our fresh water comes from forests and grasslands. forest which pull carbon from the atmosphere and slow climate change and give homes to the creatures which live within. Including some of my favorite animals big cats. Here are 2 leopard Cubs in Sanjay Gandhi National Park having a drink with Mumbai below. Want to have your #EarthDay photo published on Add #NatgeoEarthDay to your images, then check on Earth Day, April 22nd. #NatgeoEarthDay @natgeo @stevewinterphoto @thephotosociety @natgeocreative #bigcatsforever #ivoryfree #wildaid #bigcatsforever A photo posted by Steve Winter (@stevewinterphoto) on Apr 18, 2016 at 11:21am PDT

Arjun Menon


Archive series: Krishna One of my favourites. This image is part of my series known as the "Archive series". I remember the moment like yesterday. We placed the artist on the spot with the help of a boat, the standing area was limited and winds started to pick up. It was very easy for the artist to say no to all of this, but he was a sport and wanted to make this happen equally as well. I signaled him to lift up one of his legs in mudra position. Then I looked through my camera viewfinder for the first time and it made hands shiver. I just knew this was going to be one of my best work yet. I somehow calmed myself down and started clicking. Ended up with this :) All credits to the brave artist : Mohan devan. Thanks to my brothers : @abhisheikmenon and @buddhasource #kathakali #keralatourism #kerala

A photo posted by Arjun Menon (@artleavesamark) on Aug 15, 2015 at 2:56am PDT

 Paul Nicklen

Cory Richards


"War does not determine who is right --- only who is left." Bertrand Russell Fatuma was abducted by the LRA as a young woman and forced into indentured servitude and sex slavery. She told a story of how women within her group were made to dispose of others who could not keep up. If one would say "I'm tired...", their commander would say "let this one rest." A machete was then handed to another one of the women who was expected to 'eliminate' the issue. This was often done under the threat of death. After years of trauma, Fatuma escaped. Because she did not undergo a reintegration process, she has slipped back to the fringes of society, despondent and isolated with the five children she cares for. The war is not over for her. Her persistent PTSD is not the only reminder of what she has been through. In this image, she shows @ocittid and @erica_shay of @pathwaystopeaceuganda where a small piece of shrapnel from a bomb is lodged in her neck, churned by and tearing muscle causing nearly constant pain. She has three significant shrapnel related injuries that she feels daily. For many, the meaning of Christmas is lost beneath the veneer of opulence. I'd encourage us all to pause and really give thanks for how fortunate we are and how we can give back to the planet and those less fortunate. Today is about getting out from underneath the tree and stepping back into the all its darkness and light. Merry Christmas Visit @pathwaystopeaceuganda to find out more or to donate...awareness and education matter.

A photo posted by Cory Richards (@coryrichards) on Dec 24, 2015 at 10:28pm PST

 Dustin LeFevre

Mustafa Seven


 #Istanbul #StoryOfIstanbul Snapchat,

A photo posted by Mustafa Seven (@mustafaseven) on Jan 7, 2016 at 1:40pm PST

 Drew Hopper


Kolkata, West Bengal, India. #kolkata #india #everydayindia @everydayindia A photo posted by Drew Hopper | Australia (@drewhopper) on Aug 3, 2016 at 7:49pm PDT

George Steinmetz

 Mark Cullinan

Simon Carter

 Chad Copeland

Will Burrard-Lucas


 Lion at dusk, photographed with #BeetleCam

A photo posted by Will Burrard-Lucas | Wildlife (@willbl) on Aug 9, 2016 at 8:46am PDT