Televangelist Paul Begley is known for making several doomsday predictions on his YouTube channel. Even though none of his predictions regarding an apocalypse have turned true, the pastor enjoys a huge fan following on online spaces. And now, Begley has made another prediction, and in this new one, he claimed that volcanoes could spell doomsday on planet earth. 

Seven volcanoes could trigger chaos on earth

According to Begley, seven volcanoes that are dotted around the world could bring climate chaos and cataclysmic events on earth. Surprisingly, for the first time ever, this claim from Begley has some scientific grounds too. 

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A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Cambridge's Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER) had identified seven planets across the world, and they suggested that a possible eruption could cause a global economic catastrophe. 

For instance, Taiwan is known for producing a majority of computer chips, and a volcanic eruption in this area could cripple the global tech industry. Moreover, ash clouds and debris could also disrupt international air travel, while underwater communication cables may also get damaged due to the explosion. 

"At the moment, calculations are too skewed towards giant explosions or nightmare scenarios, when the more likely risks come from moderate events that disable major international communications, trade networks, or transport hubs. This is true of earthquakes and extreme weather as well as volcanic eruption," read the study report. 

Begley's interpretation of the study

Begley who analyzed the study claimed that conditions on the earth are turning insane. 

"The world is on fire. California is having its second-ever biggest fire season, Greece is on fire and the whole country is burning, there are cataclysmic events everywhere including five earthquakes that hit Alaska and it is starting to get insane out there. The Atlantic ocean currents are also slowing down and that will wreak havoc on the earth. What is causing all of these things? Could it be the polar caps shifting as prophesized in Isaiah 24? Only now is the science catching up on the prophecy," said Begley, Daily Star reports.

The televangelist also added that the Taliban are working for the Antichrist, and made it clear that the militant group along with China could trigger world war III.