Pankaj Advani
Pankaj Advani.

16-time world champion in billiards and snooker, the highest world title tally by any Indian in any sport, Pankaj Advani, launched his own mobile app today (November 3) in collaboration with New York-based tech firm escapex.

Called "PankajAdvani Official", the cue sports champion's personal application will be available on IOS and android platforms.

Aggregating his social media handles, the app will provide an unparalleled experience for his large fan base, who will get exclusive content like never before! The app will also enable fans to reach out to him and showcase their talents, a media release said on Friday.

The app will provide unique features like push notifications, featured videos, Superstar posts, contests, custom badges, live broadcasts and chats between Pankaj and his fans.

"I am really excited to launch my own app. The in-app features take fan engagement to the next level. I always wanted to have my own platform to connect with my fans directly and also give something back to them. I can't wait to be more involved with the users of my app and share the various aspects of my life with them.

"This app also allows my fans to post content on the fan feed section and reach out to me. I will have some very exciting opportunities for my fans in this app. I believe my app is tailor-made for my requirements. A big thank you to Escapex for creating this app and also to Baseline Ventures for being the force behind making this materialize." said Pankaj.