Does your best friend have four paws, a lot of fur and a little nose that always twitches away? Congratulations! You are officially diagnosed as a cat-holic! Not to be confused with anything religious, because being cat-holic simply means you are addicted to all things cat.

And this is one of the cuter obsessions around, because cat pictures, cat videos or the mere sight of a cat somehow seem to elevate your mood, or even gives you a natural high. And you can't get enough of them!

So this article is just for the likes of you. Find out where you can get your daily fix of cats, kittens, paws, mittens and what-have-you.


This one is quite obvious. Facebook has a myriad of pages -- and maybe even a couple of personal accounts -- dedicated to cats. Subscribe to all of them and make sure you turn on the "Notifications."

Facebook also has the facility that lets posts by these pages, groups or people appear on the top of your timeline each time you log in, provided there are new posts. Turn this one as well, and you have yourself very regular supply of videos, images and stories of cats and kittens!

Yes, we said stories, because these pages also often provide links to articles that detail some specific story concerning some specific character. Like that cat fighting off dogs to save the boy, or being playful with the baby, or simply showing enough grit to survive and find a forever home.


This is one social networking platform that is often considered the origin of many of the cat stories, images and videos that circulate on the internet. No, Reddit does not create them, but these multimedia items or news articles always seem to be posted first on Reddit.

Make sure you visit the subreddit dedicated solely to cats. Bring your hanky, because in between all the "aww"-ing, you might find photos of cats that have just passed away, posted by owners who want to commemorate them one last time. These tend to hit right in the feels, and prompt long hugs with the furry one at home.

Also join subreddits such as "aww" and "funny" to get more cat pics.


Of course this had to be here. For this, it is a good idea to create a list of all the cat-related Twitter handles you follow, and just go to the list whenever you feel like it. Or just make a list on Tweetdeck. That way, your normal Twitter conversations and updates will continue uninterrupted, as will your perusal of feline fineness as and when they come up.