As Google announced job cuts of 12,000 workers, one of its employees, who worked at the company for 16 years, was fired at 3 a.m. following an automated account deactivation.

Justin Moore, who is based in Washington DC in the US, wrote on his LinkedIn profile, "So after over 16.5 years at Google, I appear to have been let go via an automated account deactivation at 3 am this morning as one of the lucky 12,000".

"I don't have any other information, as I haven't received any of the other communications the boilerplate "you've been let go," website (which I now also can't access) said I should receive," he continued.

A neon Google logo is seen at the Google office in Toronto.

Looking back on his time at Google, Moore mentioned he had wonderful 16 years at the company and appreciated the work he and his teams did during those years.

"I got to work with some great people and really help a lot of our users around the world in the Civics and Elections space. I was so incredibly fortunate," Moore wrote.

Moreover, speaking from personal experience, Moore stated that big corporations see their employees as completely disposable.

The Google logo is seen on a door at the company's office in Tel Aviv
The Google logo is seen on a door at the company's office in Tel Aviv Jan. 26, 2011.REUTERS

"This also just drives home that work is not your life, and employers -- especially big, faceless ones like Google -- see you as 100 per cent disposable. Live life, not work," he mentioned.

Moore began his career at Google in 2006 as a senior software engineer. In 2019, he was promoted to the position of software engineering manager, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Meanwhile, Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that he is "deeply sorry" for reducing the workforce by approximately 12,000 roles, and takes "full responsibility for the decisions that led us here".

(With inputs from IANS)