There is no question of compromising on the issue of protecting the harmony and secular heritage of Karnataka, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said on Monday, asserting that hate politics will not be tolerated and the environment of fear will be eradicated.

He gave these assurance in a meeting held with more than 40 writers and heads of various organisations at his home office 'Krishna'.

Siddaramaiah congratulated the writers for taking a firm stand against the BJP, which is putting the country at risk and destroying its pluralism, and volunteering to warn the people in this regard during the recent Assembly elections.

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He assured that the act of polluting children's minds through texts and lessons cannot be condoned. "As the academic year has started, we will discuss and take action so that the education of the children is not disturbed," he said.

False cases against Kannada fighters, farmers-labour-Dalit movements, literature and writers will be withdrawn, he said.

The education sector will not be allowed to be adulterated in the name of New Education Policy (NEP). A separate meeting will be convened in this regard once again to discuss it comprehensively and take strict and definite decisions, Siddaramaiah stated.

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"I have already issued stern instructions to the state Director General of Police to take strict action against moral policing, slanderous trolls and those who threaten writers," he said.

Siddaramaiah said that he will consider the facts in the letter given by the writers seriously. "Our government will take action as per requirement," he said.

"Those who take the law into their hands and carry out communal riots will be punished according to law. Moral policing which weakens the moral strength of the police is not allowed. This cannot be tolerated for any reason," Siddaramaiah asserted.

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