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Gal Gadot as Wonder WomanReuters

Wonder Woman actress Connie Nielsen looked stunning in a red gown at the New York premiere of the DC movie. However, her beautiful appearance was ruined by a gust of wind.

The Wonder Woman premiere that took place in New York on May 24 was a star-studded affair. The cast and director stood in attendance at the premiere and everyone looked stunning. Gal Gadot look exceptional in a white short dress, but Nielsen drew attention of the paparazzi at the red carpet.

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Nielsen, who plays the role of Wonder Woman's mother Hippolyta in the Warner Bros movie, opted to wear a red dress with boots. The actress let down her curly hair and posed in minimal make-up. But it looked like the wind wanted to reveal that the star was not wearing any panties underneath.

After the wind blew up her dress, photographers clicked the actress during her "cheeky moment" showing off her bare butt. While her chubby assets were flaunted during the oops moment, the question everybody asked was, "why wasn't she wearing any underwear?"

The 51-year-old quickly walked past the embarrassing moment to join Gadot, director Patty Jenkins and Chris Pine.

While Gadot rocked the white dress, Jenkins looked breath-taking in a body-fitting black dress. The female superhero movie director let her curves do all the talking. Letting her hair down, she posed with the lead actors of the movie on the red carpet.

Pine did not stay far behind either. The actor donned a grey toned suit shining his brightest green eyes for the cameras. The actor looked handsome alongside the leading ladies.

The cast and crew are premiere-hoping from one location to the other and promoting the upcoming summer release movie.

Wonder Woman releases on June 2.