Wonder Woman breaks box office record  for a female director

It has been three weeks since Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman released and it looks like there is no stopping the female superhero at the box office.

Into its third weekend, Patty Jenkins' movie not only buried Tom Cruise's The Mummy at the box office but also surpassed numerous superhero movie box office collections to prove that female superhero movies could gross well at the box office.

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Domestic collections:

In comparison to its competition, The Mummy, Wonder Woman has not twitched at the box office. Taking the momentum into its third weekend, the film has added another $40 million to its domestic collections, Forbes reported. The total domestic collections stand at $244,676,730, surpassing movies like Hugh Jackman's Logan and The Fate of the Furious aka Fast and Furious 8 to become the third highest grossing movie of 2017, Box Office Mojo reported. The film's 32 percent drop might see it settle on the fourth spot in the list of the highest grossing movie after the third weekend, Forbes reported.

The movie is competing for the fifth spot held by Iron Man. But it looks like the estimated collections will push Avengers: Age of Ultron (earning 438.8 million in the third weekend) to the fifth position.

The movie will fall short of The Dark Knight (which earned $42.6 million at the end of the third weekend), 2000 release Spider-Man ($45 million) and The Avengers at number 1 spot ($55.6 million).

Some analysts also predict the Saturday night/Sunday collections could pump up Wonder Woman figures and give the Batman sequel, The Dark Knight, a fight for the third spot.

Wonder Woman worldwide collections:

The DCEU movie has successfully crossed $500 million globally. The film crossed the milestone on Friday as it touched $517.4 million, tweeted Box Office Pro. Jenkins becomes the fourth ever female director to cross the milestone, Screen Rant reported.

Sam Taylor-Johnson's Fifty Shades of Grey earned $571 million in 2015, Phyllida Lloyd's Mamma Mia earned $609 million in 2008, and Jennifer Yuh Nelson's animated sequel Kung Fu Panda 2 earned $665 million in 2011.

Wonder Woman is expected to top the worldwide box office collections at $750 million surpassing the collections of Superman Henry Cavill's Man of Steel and chase down last year's one of the biggest grosser, Suicide Squad.

Wonder Woman trailer: 

The Mummy box office collection:

The Tom Cruise starrer saw a massive 69 per cent drop at the domestic box office. The Mummy earned just $3.778 million on its second Friday, becoming the worst Friday-to-Friday drop ever, Forbes reported. The Mummy is likely to earn $13.2 million through its second Friday-Sunday frame to add to a domestic total of $55.8m.