The small states in India occupied six of the top 10 positions on a new gender vulnerability index report compiled by UK-based child rights advocacy group Plan International.

Plan India (India chapter) in its 1st Gender Vulnerability Index (GVI) report, said, "Poor nutrition and education at birth can correspond to much more than just economic and health consequences in [a girl's] future"

"Most, if not all, of these challenges are hand in glove."

The findings of the first ever GVI are expected to help identify the challenges women face.

The GVI report ranked states by women's status on education, health, poverty and protection from birth to 18 years. The index scores are on a scale of zero to one. The closer the score is to one, the better the performance.

The index puts Goa on top with a GVI of 0.656, more than the national average of 0.5314.

"Goa, where girls are least vulnerable overall, ranks first on protection, fifth on education, sixth on health and eighth on poverty", said the report.

Whereas Goa topped the list, Bihar emerged as the worst performer.

"At the bottom with a score of 0.410, Bihar is the worst for girls with the state coming in last on two (poverty and health) of the four dimensions."

For detailed information, read the handbook compiled by Plan International (India Chapter)

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